Maja Maiz

This is maja cooked the easy way. Not the traditional maja blanca where the corn is grated, the mixture steamed, then served with oil made from fresh coconut cream. I’m just not into those too-difficult-things-to-make that the cook feels too tired when the dish is finally ready to serve. Perhaps, if I had half a dozen househelp. But that’s not my style either. I have one and she assists me in the kitchen but I still do the cooking. maja maiz

To make this dessert, you may use either fresh coconut milk, canned coconut milk or even powdered coconut milk dissolved in water. The aroma will vary. Powdered coconut milk is much much more aromatic. Fresh coconut milk does not smell as sweet. I guess it’s really a matter of preference–fresh over preserved or less over more work.

If you opt to use fresh coconut milk, you’ll have to start with freshly grated mature coconut. In the Philippines, we call it niyog. Place the niyog in a glass bowl and add a cup of lukewarm water. Use as much or as little water, depending on how rich you want your coconut milk. Some people have low tolerance for it. With your hands, squeeze the niyog tightly to get the milk. Or, you can put the niyog in a piece of cheesecloth (katsa) then wring the cheesecloth to get the milk.

If you prefer powdered coconut milk, check the package for the correct proportions. Remember that you want coconut milk, not coconut cream.

Ingredients :

1 c. of cornstarch
1 250 ml. brick of sweetened condensed milk
1 c. of coconut milk
1 c. of water
a pinch of salt
1 425 g. can of cream-style corn
1/2 tsp. of butter, softened

How to :

Grease the bottom and sides of a 6″ x 10″ ceramic baking dish with the softened butter.

Disperse the cornstarch in the water until completely dissolved. Add the coconut milk, salt and cream-style corn. Set over medium-high heat and cook, stirring, until thick and no longer cloudy. Remove from the heat and add the sweetened condensed milk. Return to the stove top and cook over low heat, stirring until the milk is fully incorporated into the cornstarch mixture. Pour into the buttered dish and leave to cool for about 30 minutes before cutting and serving.

Easy, ‘di ba?

Tip: For an even richer maja, double the amount of coconut milk and omit the water. Warning: not for those with ultra-sensitive digestive systems.


  1. AnnaBanana says

    da best!

    pati mga puti long kasama sa trabaho ay napadami ang tikim…hehehe.

    salamat po for sharing these reipes, talent and skills esp helpful for cooking challenged like me:D

    more power:)

  2. michelleVIE says

    I love corn but not really majablanca, but i surely like to try this one .. thanks for sharing ur recipe … muaaahhz

  3. aidol says

    d first time i made one,too soft(kulang sa cornstarch), d second time i did it, it was i cant stop making more n sharing them w everybody!! tnx for the simple recipe..:grin:

  4. Jing says

    I’ve been looking for Filipino dessert recipes and found this one. Some of the ingredients like coconut milk is hard to find since i have to go to a Filipino store which is a little far from my place. I got it on my first try and my friends love it and are requesting again for another one. Your site is a great help. Thanks a lot!!

  5. Mich says

    Is it acceptable to use 2 cups of coconut milk rather than 1cup’s of coconut milk & water? Will it result to an imperfect maja blanca?

    Pls reply as urgent as u can. Coz me & my Lola is planning to serve this, this Christmas Eve & Noche Buena. Im very sori for d disturbance. And thanks, if so, in advance. Thanks!

    By d way, I’m Mich, 16yrs old. From San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. Are u Filipino? Thanks again and Merry Christmas & Advance Happy New Year!

    — Pls reply on my e-mail address: []
    Or in my Yahoo Messenger (if u have an acct there): [quinofddeingeruz]
    Or if you really live in d Philippines, pls text me w/ my number: [09195102240] (Smart)

    Im very very SORRY po if i’m so intimidating, it’s juz that, it’s kinda a.s.a.p. :oops: :roll: :sad:

  6. jilliana says

    i like maja maiz……but you can add langka much more become’s delicious and also gelatin to make to soft and melted in mouth….also cheese to add more taste!!!

  7. Lynzky says

    thank you so much, coz i found you . . just finished my maja maiz but its too soft. i used Galapong coz i found the recipe to my old recipe book! you know i hate the taste . . errrr! i’ll try your recipe coz i think it’s yummy . . thanx in advance . . mwah!

  8. Kaye says

    Ei, can you pls tell me kung mga ilang minutes ung pag stir before removing from the heat? para lang sure,, ok na ba kaht 10 minutes?

  9. says

    It’s not the length of time, Kaye, but the correct consistency. Only you can determine that depending on what kind of cookware you use and how hot the stove is.

  10. Aims says

    Hi Ms.Connie. I followed ur cooking instructions except corn ( Instead of cream-style-corn, I bought the sweet corn kernels) and yeah ur right Ms connie it’s a little bit of confusing but guess what I made it perfectly! It’s so yummy Ms.Connie. Thank you very very much for sharing this Simple recipe and My family LOVES it. We love ur recipes & we really proud of you! you’re such a Good chef…Unending “Thank You”. because of you, I’m getting bigger and bigger…hahahahha….We love you,connie! That’s true ha!

  11. Shiela says

    Hi Connie.. i tried this yesterday but i think i undercooked it.. it didn’t harden and was mushy.. but the taste was wonderful though.. have to try it next time.. i love your recipes, easy to make and sooo yummy.. thank you!

  12. Shiela says

    aahh.. maybe.. i used the local norwegian brand, couldn’t get filipino brands here… too bad.. but anyways thanks:)

  13. says

    grabe gs2 kong matutong gumawa..kaso..natatakot ako bka kc pumalpak..e sayang naman ung mga magagamit kong ingredients…love ko tlga maja blanca haha

  14. Erlinda says

    Hi, how come there is no more printer friendly icon for the recipes. I would love to try your recipes but I only want to print just the ingredients and procedures without printing the ads, comments, etc..

    Please have it back.

    Thank you.

  15. Sheila says

    Tried this recipe today and we brought to a potluck. Everyone loved it!!! it’s really yummy!!! I also put toasted coconut for topping. It turned out very good. Thank you for the recipe.

  16. says

    ei! thanks sa recipe… it will help me to make my project… i love cooking and i think its good according to the ohter comments.. hope ill cook it soon.. well thanks!

  17. miera montero says


    How long can i keep maja blanca inside my refrigerator? can i still serve it after one day?

    Thanks and more power!

  18. Veron says

    Hi Ms. Connie,

    I’m a big fan of your site. Thanks for sharing your recipes here. You’re great!
    I’m planning to make this recipe and have it as a give-away gifts for Christmas.
    I just wanted to ask if it’s ok to steam it and if I can use a metal baking pan instead of ceramic?

    Thanks in advance at Maligayang Pasko po!

  19. says

    Veron, I don’t think it will thicken evenly without the stirring because cornstarch has a tendency to sink at the bottom. Metal pan is ok; it’s just for molding anyway (the maja stakes shape as it cools).

  20. Cecille says

    hi ms connie. happy new year! i’ve been an avid follower of your cooking. grabe! super dami kong natry na dito na recipes mo at pumasa siya with flying colors sa family at friends ko. i’m here in new zealand and i want to make maja maiz also kso what i have is corn flour? same din po ba yun ng corn starch. thanks in advanced at mabuhay po kayo! :-)

  21. says

    Hi Cecille, according to what I’ve read, they’re the same. The difference in name has to do with usage, cornflour being the term used in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

  22. maureen says

    hi ma’am connie,gumawa ako knina ng maja maiz kaso ndi cia nag-harden..pero ok pa din un lasa… sarap!!!hmm..maybe on my next try.thanks!

  23. Cecille says

    hi ms connie. i tried cooking maja maiz pero disaster siya. di ko po alam what happened pero i followed nmn diligently yung recipe. hindi siya tumigas or nagform as maja. naging mushy parang gelatin. hayyy. sayang nmn. magkaiba po cguro tlaga yung cornflour sa cornstarch. try ko n lang next time, cornstarch na.

  24. Lyn says

    Hi Ms Connie, I tried this recipe and it worked for me Thanks Heaps! Cecille regarding the Cornflour that we get here in NZ, they are just the same as Cornstarch, we just call it Cornflour. Try cooking it a little bit longer on a very low heat so it doesn’t burn or stick to the pan. Try using Coconut Cream instead or Coconut Milk too.

  25. Mia says

    Hi just wanna share.. instead of using 1 cup of water, try to use 1 tall evaporated milk.. i love it more.. tnx so much ms. connie!

  26. susan says

    Hi Ms Connie, Thank you very very much….very simple at madaling gawin at masarap pa my chilrdren loves it. i introduce your site to my friend also. maraming salamat ulit.

  27. Josie Borlongan says


    Is there a healthier version? I am trying to watch my sugar, carb, and cholesterol intake, which seem plentiful in this recipe. I am trying to eat healthy even with familiar Pinoy foods.

    Appreciate your help!

    Thanks, Josie :)

  28. Elenor says

    As far as I know, condensed milk comes in liquid and not in bricks. In liquid form, how much condensed milk do I need to mix for the Maja Maiz.
    Thank you so much and have a great day. God bless…

  29. Camille says

    Hi Ms. Connie… I really like your website I always visit it everytime na maginternet ako… I already made this recipe and my kids love the taste… Do you have kalamay recipe yung may sabaw sa latik… Thank’s for sharing great recipes…

  30. Jason says

    Hello Ms. Connie,

    My maja blanca is so soft.. and creamy but it can hold itself up. I like it to be more firm, do you know which ingredient I need to increase/decrease?

  31. Cristal says

    Hi!!!ask lang po pano tatagal ung shelf life ng maja? salt po b ang solution, pag nagawa po kasi ako wala nun kaya lang madali cia masira,,,tnx!Hope you can help me!!!!

  32. joyce says

    my boyfriend has been requesting this recipe for days. finally, i chose your recipe and it was perfect!!! it’s delish!

    its still in the fridge and i can’t stop dipping my fingers in it!

    i used 300ml of condensed milk instead of 250ml. perfection!

  33. joyce says

    hi! maybe you can also take pictures of the process… especially the stages where it kinda gets confusing like the part where it shows the consistency of the mixture. i only stopped stirring when the mixture was already heavy. i think (hope) it worked. but i cant stop dipping my fingers in it while its still cooling!

  34. claire4tune says

    mas madali po ito kaysa sa usual kong ginagawa. mas marami po kasing water ang nilalagay ko so longer time din ang cooking, minsan almost 2 hours of stirring nakakangalay… thank you for this

  35. Mommy Lala says

    Thanks for the recipe, been craving this! Didn’t have fine salt so added a dollop of butter at the last step. Loved the richness but will put less next time as the smell reminded me more of popcorn than maja. :)

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