Low fat, low sugar diet

I never thought the day would come when healthy cooking would be the focus of this blog. I am a proponent of natural food but I have never been too concerned about fat and sugar. It is true that we have been trying to rethink our diet for the past so many months with the fish-and-chicken meals (red meat only once or twice a month) but I didn’t think it was going to get any more drastic than that. A lot of things have changed since my surgery last week. I am now obliged to go on a low-fat, low-sugar diet and my husband is only too happy that it will mean a change of diet for the entire family.

The thing, of course, is to do away with the notion that low-fat and low-sugar necessarily mean tasteless food. Oh, no way. In my family, tasteless food is a crime. Ergo, the challenge is to be able to cook old favorites in healthier ways. And it can be done, trust me. It might mean throwing out a lot of things in the pantry and replacing them with their low-fat and low-sugar versions but that’s okay. The important thing for me is that my family continues to eat great meals but now with a little more conscious effort on the health aspect.

Let me cite a few examples.


I know that carbs are anathema to people on low-sugar diet but I am really not a food Nazi. Our bodies need carbs; we just shouldn’t go overboard with it. I love pasta and I’m not giving it up. What I am more than willing to give up is all the meat in the sauce.


One of my favorite breakfast items ever is potato omelet. It is both a comfort food and a source of nostalgia for me because it reminds me of my childhood. But it is a high-fat meal because the potato cubes are deep fried before the beaten eggs are poured and stirred in. So, how can I continue enjoying this wonderful breakfast dish without going overboard with the fat? Frying is out, naturally.


There seems to be a lot of conflicting opinions as to whether toasted bread is better for controlling the rise of blood sugar. Some say that bread is bread and toasting it won’t trigger chemical changes in its composition.

It’s another chapter in my life as a home cook. I welcome it. I welcome the new challenges. I’ll be redoing a lot of old favorites, inventing new ones, and I hope you’ll be there to share all of it with my family and me.