Lobster tail sinigang


On our last trip to the supermarket, I found a tray of frozen lobster tail balls in the frozen section. I suddenly remembered how my sister-in-law, Mary Ann, would make a quick sinigang using fish balls. As far as I could recall, my daughters loved it. And I thought: why not lobster tail balls?

These lobster tail balls aren’t just balls of starch and minced lobster meat. They come with very visible and substantially sized pieces of lobster meat. Naturally, they weren’t exactly cheap. A hundred and sixty pesos for about ten two-inch balls. More than enough to make a pot of soup for four persons (four meaning Speedy, the girls and the house helper — I am allergic to lobsters).

And so, last weekend, I made a pot of sinigang with the lobster tail balls and lots of vegetables. Everyone loved it — no leftovers at all.

For the basic sinigang recipe, please type “sinigang” in the search box at the top of the page to view all the sinigang recipes in Home Cooking Rocks!

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