Lasang Pinoy 16: Chocolate Polvoron

For the uninitiated, polvoron is a sweet Filipino delicacy. It is a compressed and molded mixture of toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar and butter. It comes in many varieties including polvoron with pinipig (toasted pounded rice), with nuts or with cocoa powder. The mixture is pressed into a special mold with a spring handle to push out the molded polvoron into square pieces of cellophane paper where it is wrapped.

It was during a trip to Los Baños, Laguna last year when we first sampled chocolate coated polvoron. I bought a pack, just to try, and handed the package to the kids in the backseat. We made another stop to check out some potted herbs. Because it was drizzling, we left the kids in the car with instructions to lock the doors. I went ahead and inspected the potted herbs. After a few minutes, my husband went back to the car to check up on the kids. He came back for me with the news that the kids couldn’t talk — their mouths were full and with every word spoken out came the powdery milk of the polvoron. In short, they liked it. Too bad that we couldn’t find chocolate coated polvoron in our area, not even in Metro Manila. Until last night. dark chocolate and white chocolate polvoron

We had dinner at Vieux Chalet last night — again. Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary and we always eat out on our wedding anniversary. But since yesterday was a schoolday, we had to choose a restaurant that was near enough and which would not entail getting caught in traffic jams especially with the Christmas rush. We asked the kids the day before where they wanted to go and they gave the same answer — Vieux Chalet.

So off to Vieux Chalet we went. We were chatting with the owner, Susan Hassig, all throughout dinner. When our cappuccino was served at the end of the meal, she asked what we wanted for dessert. We were so full we couldn’t think of ordering even a slice of cake or a scoop of ice cream. That was when she said she had something for us to try. chocolate coated polvoron with pinipig

She came back with a festive box the size of a fruitcake. We opened it and discovered it was full of polvoron. At first, I thought she must have been mistaken when she said they were chocolate coated polvoron because some of the pieces I saw were distinctly white — the color of regular polvoron. white chocolate coated polvoron

When I unwrapped it… oh, it was white chocolate coated polvoron. I bit into it and there were bits of pinipig inside. My husband took a dark chocolate coated piece and discovered that the polvoron tasted like cookies and cream. Unlike the rough and uneven chocolate coating of the polvoron in Los Baños, these were smooth, the chocolate coating was even and the craftsmanship was just wonderful. chocolate polvoron comes in christmas gift boxes

And, yes, they were for sale by the box. We ordered 25 boxes. I normally don’t give food gifts but I’m making an exception this year. Sorry that I do not have the recipe for this glorious delicacy but I’ll do the next best thing. I’ll give you the contact information in case you want to order them. The landline is 6970396 and the cell phone number is 09178565175. Just ask for Susan Hassig. :)

This chocolate polvoron entry is part of Lasang Pinoy 16: Holiday Food Gifts.


  1. Leah says

    Hi Connie,

    Thanks for the contact info. In the last few years, it has been hard to find good pasalubong from the Philippines because it seems everything can be had here in the US. The chocolate covered polvoron looks and sounds really decadent! I will make sure I get some in February when I visit.

  2. maan says

    hi connie,
    may i know how much a box of this polvoron cost? and where specifically is Vieux Chalet?


  3. says

    Leah, I’m not so sure that they are available all year round.

    Cathy, the polvorons are not made in Vieux Chalet.

    maan, i’ll have to ask my husband about the price. or you can just text the number above to be sure. Vieux Chalet is on Taktak Road in Antipolo.

  4. says

    hi connie,

    i just called ms. susan, kaya lang next week pa ulit pwedeng mag order. :sad: thank you fo posting this, nag ka-idea tuloy ako on what to give our friends this xmas.