Lasang Pinoy 16: Chocolate Polvoron

For the uninitiated, polvoron is a sweet Filipino delicacy. It is a compressed and molded mixture of toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar and butter. It comes in many varieties including polvoron with pinipig (toasted pounded rice), with nuts or with cocoa powder. The mixture is pressed into a special mold with a spring handle to push out the molded polvoron into square pieces of cellophane paper where it is wrapped.

It was during a trip to Los Baños, Laguna last year when we first sampled chocolate coated polvoron. I bought a pack, just to try, and handed the package to the kids in the backseat. We made another stop to check out some potted herbs. Because it was drizzling, we left the kids in the car with instructions to lock the doors. I went ahead and inspected the potted herbs. After a few minutes, my husband went back to the car to check up on the kids. He came back for me with the news that the kids couldn’t talk — their mouths were full and with every word spoken out came the powdery milk of the polvoron. In short, they liked it. Too bad that we couldn’t find chocolate coated polvoron in our area, not even in Metro Manila. Until last night. dark chocolate and white chocolate polvoron

We had dinner at Vieux Chalet last night — again. Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary and we always eat out on our wedding anniversary. But since yesterday was a schoolday, we had to choose a restaurant that was near enough and which would not entail getting caught in traffic jams especially with the Christmas rush. We asked the kids the day before where they wanted to go and they gave the same answer — Vieux Chalet.

So off to Vieux Chalet we went. We were chatting with the owner, Susan Hassig, all throughout dinner. When our cappuccino was served at the end of the meal, she asked what we wanted for dessert. We were so full we couldn’t think of ordering even a slice of cake or a scoop of ice cream. That was when she said she had something for us to try. chocolate coated polvoron with pinipig

She came back with a festive box the size of a fruitcake. We opened it and discovered it was full of polvoron. At first, I thought she must have been mistaken when she said they were chocolate coated polvoron because some of the pieces I saw were distinctly white — the color of regular polvoron. white chocolate coated polvoron

When I unwrapped it… oh, it was white chocolate coated polvoron. I bit into it and there were bits of pinipig inside. My husband took a dark chocolate coated piece and discovered that the polvoron tasted like cookies and cream. Unlike the rough and uneven chocolate coating of the polvoron in Los Baños, these were smooth, the chocolate coating was even and the craftsmanship was just wonderful. chocolate polvoron comes in christmas gift boxes

And, yes, they were for sale by the box. We ordered 25 boxes. I normally don’t give food gifts but I’m making an exception this year. Sorry that I do not have the recipe for this glorious delicacy but I’ll do the next best thing. I’ll give you the contact information in case you want to order them. The landline is 6970396 and the cell phone number is 09178565175. Just ask for Susan Hassig. :)

This chocolate polvoron entry is part of Lasang Pinoy 16: Holiday Food Gifts.


  1. Leah says

    Hi Connie,

    Thanks for the contact info. In the last few years, it has been hard to find good pasalubong from the Philippines because it seems everything can be had here in the US. The chocolate covered polvoron looks and sounds really decadent! I will make sure I get some in February when I visit.

  2. says

    Leah, I’m not so sure that they are available all year round.

    Cathy, the polvorons are not made in Vieux Chalet.

    maan, i’ll have to ask my husband about the price. or you can just text the number above to be sure. Vieux Chalet is on Taktak Road in Antipolo.

  3. says

    hi connie,

    i just called ms. susan, kaya lang next week pa ulit pwedeng mag order. :sad: thank you fo posting this, nag ka-idea tuloy ako on what to give our friends this xmas.

  4. Malou See says

    Yes…I admit Pulvoron is labor intensive…been making this (Chocolate coated Pulvoron) for my home based business for two years now. Sad, this type of goodies doesnt click with the Chinese society in terms of gift giving. There are a lot of great Filipino delicacy great for gift giving….its the artistic way of presenting that counts.

  5. says

    Hi Malou. You wrote: “its the artistic way of presenting that counts.”

    Is that so? I think it is the quality of the product that counts. Relying on presentation rather than the quality of the product is much like cheating customers — all style, no substance.

  6. says

    Hi Connie,

    Thank you very much for your wonderful comments about my family’s chocolate coated pulvoron. It is my sister Lea, who has been friends with Susan Hassig for years, who makes those pulvoron with the help of our parents. And thanks also for the 25 boxes that you ordered. I just talked to her, and she told me about this blog, so I went online as and read to her what you wrote about their pulvoron. My sister told me that she plans to make this all year-round. So those who wants to order may place it through Vieux Chalet.

    • Lea Santos says

      Hi everyone! Hello, Ms. Connie. Thanks a lot, you liked my chocolate polvoron. Although it’s been a long time since I’ve made my last piece, I regularly visit this blog just to look at the pictures of my products. Inasmuch as i would like to produce more, unfortunately, we (my parents and I) could not cope with the production process because it’s so labor-intensive. But after reading the thread, for all those interested with the recipe, you may e-mail me at

      Thanks again, Ms. Connie for the “free advertising.” I really appreciate that you included our product in your blog. God bless! :-)

  7. Neng De Leon says

    Hi Connie! I am planning to go Laguna to look for that Cholate pulvoron you are talking about. may i ask where exactly in Los banos I could find those delicacies? thank you

  8. Neng De Leon says

    Oh before I forgot! This blog is amazing! You are so generous, sharing your knowledge & talents on cooking! May God bless you more & more!:smile:

  9. says

    located at san pedro,laguna.Dealers welcome unlimited income..
    Look CHOCOVRON town proper.

  10. tea says

    check out “house of polvoron”, ms Connie. they have carts in malls, one i know of is at megamall. they launched last 2002 i think. they have a beatiful line of coated polvoron reasonably priced. ;)

  11. ruth yu says

    pls help me give some recipe for her chocolate polvoron,cause i’m the one of fans of u,then i would like to try it from my kids and my business here in visayas pls i hope u will give me some idea cause i want to try to cook that then some business also,hope u understand me,i will wait for your reply to me


  12. says

    chocolate covered polvoron is aslo available in quezon city at a small bakery in teacher’s village, diliman…near the claret school. they also get their sock from san pedro, laguna

  13. aileen del rosario says

    I am from olongapo and i’m looking for a training center that could help me about making coated polvoron, making kutsinta and other delicasies or native delicacies.

  14. shang says

    hi! i love this coated polvoron, hope i can have a recipe like this so i can make and send it to my in laws in canada. thnks.

  15. Josie says

    I love making homemade goodies to give friends at Christmas – and one of them is the polvoron. I make the regular polvoron every year, except that this year they will look a lot fancier (thanks for your info on the chocolate coated polvoron). I think I have an idea on how to make them. (I’ll have to try since we can’t order them anywhere here yet.) The sprinkles sure gave the above-pictured polvoron a festive look.

    About Vieux Chalet: I’d been checking on the internet for a place to stay overnight in Antipolo, and read about Vieux Chalet. I was quite impressed with the description of the place, but confused by the conflicting comments of people who had been there. Lately, however, reading about your family trips to Vieux Chalet have erased all my doubts. We will spend a night there on our next visit to the Philippines.

    It’s a pleasure visiting your blog, Connie.

  16. says

    if only i can have ur recipe for my own business! ur polvoron is really delicious and i hope i can also do the same with my polvoron here in cebu because i tried to do coated polvoron many times but i cannot do it right.

  17. says

    can you help me and give me a copy of chocolate coated polvoron recipe? i really want to know the recipe of polvoron, one of my source in income this coming christmas.. hope you can help me

  18. candy says

    hi.. there!! im new here,and i just want to share with you, that im in the bussiness of chocolate coated polvoron also,we are located at calamba, city, laguna, for who are interested may be you can give or send to them our contact numbers, at 049-545-6448 / 09159864803just look for candy. its, delicious and very affordable pa… try niyo.. thanks much!! hope you can help me on my bussiness… thanks again and god bless..

  19. jonah venzon says

    can you help me and give me a copy of chocolate coated polvoron recipe? i really want to know the recipe of polvoron, one of my source in income this coming christmas.. hope you can help me.PLSSSSSSS……….. Hope you can give me a delicious recipes of chocolate coated polvoron… thanks1

  20. lyn says

    hi, your chocolate coated polvoron looks really good. i would like to learn how to make it for giveaways this christmas. can you help me with its recipe? how do you coat it with chocolate? i hope you can help me.
    here’s my email..


    • emelinda a alba says

      I really want to try making this polvoron receipe. From the picture alone it looks very delicious. Please help me by sharing your recipe. I will be retiring this year and this is one way to keep me busy and earn a little for my maintenance. e-mail ko:

  21. Vivian Topacio says

    Hi this is vivian I taste your chocolate coated polvoron and my kids love it, can I ask for your recipe of this, especially on how you do the chocoalte coating. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks and I’ll wait for your recipe.


  22. roselle says

    Hi, connie it’s me rosel, so now i know you are the famous writer of this website, Iám very proud of you friend. Can’t believe that because I wanted to have a good polvoron I will discover this site. Thanks for all the info.

  23. Leto says

    Hello! am interested to know the exact address of chocovron at San Pedro, Laguna. can anybody give me the exact address? SALAMAT!

  24. Greg says

    Hi To All,

    I will be selling Original Chocolate Coated Pulvuron (Chocovron) by last week of June or July this 2008, as my part time extra income. Those Original Chocovron that I will sell is directly from San Pedro Laguna.

    You may contact me at [deleted at reader’s request] for reservation (good for kids party giveaway, pasalubong, and gift).

    By the way i’m from Pasig.



  25. Ella says

    Hi! You’re chocolate covered polvoron looks really good. Can I ask for the recipe? I am looking forward on your reply.


  26. greg says

    ChocoVron is #1 Chocolate Coated Polvoron in our country.Bukod sa masarap,affordable pa.When I start selling as extra income,hindi ako nahirapan mag tinda dahil kilala na sila sa market at Their Quality is our taste talaga.Nag enjoy talaga ako sa pagtinda nito dahil malaki ang naitulong sa akin,lalo na sa sitwasyon ngayon mahirap umasa sa sweldo at mahirap din kung manggagaya ka din dapat you create your own products.para kakampi mo si GOD.

  27. Swedish says

    hi! I think your polvoron tastes so good with the chocolate,and i am interested to know how to make it. Can i have your recipe of this, i want to try it. Don’t worrt i live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Here is my email Address : Please. Thanks in advance.

  28. sheila marie says

    i want to learn in making your chocolate polvoron…………… can you give me a recipe of your polvoron….thank you po

  29. Nena T Pineda says

    Pls send me recipe for the chocolate coated polvoron. I want to teach this to my SPED (spec. education prog)students. thanx and God bless.

  30. Ciara says

    Im happy to announce that Chocovron is now available in Manila! Our company (authorized distributor) joined the recently concluded Grand kapamilya negosyo fair and it was a huge success! For retail, dealership and distributorship opportunities,please contact Matex co. @ 7139808.

    FYI: chocovron comes in individually wrapped foil packs! … like what oreo uses =D

  31. rhoda del rosario says

    hello to all interested to learn how to make chocolate coated polvoron, madali lang gumawa ng polvoron, pwede ka kasing mag-experiment sa mga flavor nito pwede mo siyang gawing cookies and cream, coffee flavor, pandan flavor at marami pang iba. ang mahirap dun at yung pagco coat kahit ibigay siguro namin sa inyo ang recipe di nyo basta makukuha yung secret, I am more willing to teach how to make this delicious chocopolvoron,and show you how, and you may contact at this no.092873857426 or email mo my place is in cainta, rizal

  32. joan says

    hi…please… please… send me the recipe of chocolate coated polvoron… have tried to do it but was unsuccessful… ayaw tumigas ng choco coating…

  33. abby says

    Hi there! I have tasted these choco polvoron and its really masarap! I’d like to ask sana if you can share me how to prepare this baka pwede kong gawin business… thanks & God bless

  34. Karen says

    hello there… share n’yo naman po pano paggawa ng chocolate coating. Sige na please..
    Nagtry na po ako pero di tumigas yung choco coating… You can help a lot po if you’ll share the recipe…

  35. cathy says

    hi! po pls. give me a copy of the recipe of polvoron coated chocolate,i want po sana gawin business habang nasa bahy po me at mabantayan ko pa rin ang baby ko, i am a single mom po .thanks i’ll wait for ur reply.

  36. Ben says

    Hi Connie,

    I was just wondering if it is possible to request for a copy of the orignal recepie of chocolate polvoron or chocovron. my intesions is for persoal use only. I wish to make a surprise gift for my wife. I hope you could help.

    Or if you know someone where I can learn its actual process like in a home seminars.
    thank you very much.hope to hear from you. you can email me if you wish to.

  37. Lea A. Santos says

    Hi everyone! Hello, Ms. Connie. I’m very grateful that you have kept this page “alive” until now even that you have already changed your domain name to I even attached this link to my facebook account for my friends to see.

    I’ve received a number of emails regarding the chocolate polvoron recipe in the past. And as I read the posts on this page, there are still some who would want to have the recipe.

    As my way of saying “thank you”, I am posting it here en toto including some of the “secrets” I’ve learned. I hope you all enjoy making it. It was my Ate who gave me this recipe.



    1/2 kilo breadflour (or all-purpose flour)
    1 bar Dari Creme (or butter)
    2/3 cup white sugar
    2/3 cup buttermilk
    2/3 cup flavor (pinipig / oreo biscuits / rice crispies)

    1) Toast flour until light brown (but not burned). Cool. Sift flour.

    2) Sift buttermilk & sugar and mix to sifted flour.

    3) Melt margarine in very low fire but do not let it boil. Mix to dry ingredients.

    4) Add flavor of your choice.

    5) Mold.

    6) Refrigerate.

    Yield: 80 – 90 pcs oval polvorons

    1) Melt cooking chocolate. (You can buy this chocolate bars by the kilo from Chocolate Lovers or in Killion in Quiapo.)

    2) Dip refrigerated polvoron one at a time. (You can buy chocolate dipper from baking supplies or you can make your own by removing the 2 middle “teeth” of your ordinary stainless fork :-)

    3) Let it dry in grease-proof paper.

    4) Trim excess chocolates from the sides of each polvoron.

    Yield: 1/2 kilo chocolate = 64 pieces

    God bless us all and have fun!

  38. Lea says

    Some tips:

    Once you molded the polvorons, refrigerate for at least two hours. Better if you can keep it in the fridge for a day. I usually put the molded polvorons in a plastic container layer by layer, lined with plastic sheets or cut rite in between layers. Don’t forget to tightly cover the plastic container to avoid polvorons from absorbing other food odors inside the fridge. When I start coating them, I just get a max of 15 pieces of cold polvorons from the fridge so that it won’t defrost or thaw. Melted chocolate adheres better on cold polvorons.

  39. liza says

    ng start na po ako mg business ng polvoron.. . may problema lng po ako.. sometimes po nag lo loose. . lalo na pag matagal…pls teach me po. . pano po gawing matigas??

    • says

      Hi Liza,

      If you followed the recipe to the letter, you’ll never go wrong. Nonetheless, as per “loose” polvoron, there are a few reasons: ingredients were not mixed very well that’s why the butter (or margarine) was not evenly distributed into the mixture; sobra sa flour or other dry ingredients; or you did not put enough polvoron mix into the mold and hindi gaanong siksik ang pagkalagay sa mold.

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