Lamb chops, grilled indoors

I love grilled food. Grilled fish, grilled chicken, grilled pork… even grilled vegetables. But outdoor charcoal grilling requires too much work. I tried using an electric grill but the power consumption was astronomical. Result? We had been doing very little grilling during the past several months.

The sabbatical from home-grilled food was combined with a delicious anticipation, however. I had e-mailed my brother-in-law in Chicago and asked if he could buy a stove-top grill for me — the nice kind, not the crap that sell for P200 in supermarkets — and I would reimburse him when he and his family arrived for their once-every-three-years vacation in Manila. They arrived on August 1, they brought the Calphalon Hard Anodized Grill when they came over for dinner last Saturday, and… the surprise that made me smile from ear to ear? They gave it to me as a present. Grilled lamb chops and kani salad

Tonight, I used the grill for the first time. Dinner was grilled lamb chops and kani salad.

Just what is Calphalon?

I’ve seen Calpahlon cookware at Gourdo’s and Living Well and the prices were, well…

Calphalon is a brand of cookware and cutlery products owned by Newell Rubbermaid. Calphalon produces non-stick coated cookware similar to Teflon and stick-resistant surfaces made of hard-anodized aluminium. Calphalon pans feature either an aluminum core, which provides fast, even heating, or a stamp-forged aluminum disk to provide the additional heat dispersion. [Wikipedia] Calphalon Hard Anodized Double Grill

I never really considered buying one. When I asked my brother-in-law to buy a stove-top grill for me, I showed him a web page with a sample of what I had in mind. Nothing as expensive as Calphalon. Little did I know that Calphalon has an inexpensive line called Kitchen Essentials. That’s what I got. An 11″x18″ Kitchen Essentials Hard Anodized Double Grill. I love it! Kitchen Essentials by Calphalon, Hard Anodized Double Grill

The grill fits over two burners. It can withstand very high temperatures so the meat is seared fast while the inside does not get overcooked. It can be washed with a mild detergent but I really recommend using hot water and mild detergent after grilling meat to remove all traces of fat.

Our consumption of cooking oil has already gone down tremendously because we haven’t fried meat nor chicken in months. It’s going to go down even more because we’re not going to fry fish anymore.

Tomorrow night, we’re having grilled tilapia. :)


  1. brenda says

    I bought a grill pan in SM Cebu and I love it. It’s non-stick too so I get to enjoy grilled pork belly everytime I crave for it.

  2. says

    WOOHOO! Everyone I know here swears by Calphalon. I live in a dorm where I shouldn’t be grilling, but I do keep a george foreman in my cabinet. And I’ve grilled lamb burgers. Sarap nga! Have you tried this oven-top grill for grilled cheese sandwiches? All you need is white cheese in between two pieces of bread, and maybe something to press down on the sandwich. But ooohh…lamb chops…yum yum!

  3. says

    Ms. Connie,

    We have a neighbor who is so fond of grilling meat or fish during Sundays, and we’re reduced to inhaling the delicious smells while we eat adobo or nilaga simply bec. I hate the mess and work of charcoal grilling.

    Is it ok if I ask for the specs of your grill? A friend who’s in the US has been asking me what I want her to buy for me before she goes home this Christmas.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  4. mella says

    meron palang ganyan. what a great alternative. Thanks Ms. Connie!

    Your search by Category is back! :-)

  5. says

    Hi, Miss Connie!

    What qualifies as a mild detergent? I heard some people use the Ivory liquid soap but I don’t like the way it smells. My kitchen has always been looked after with a bottle of Joy.

  6. mareza says

    Well i went shopping and found calphalon
    on sale for $35,mine was 1/2 gridle and 1/2 flat same size and i also have 15 %
    discount coupon and a $10 coupon.It cost me $20,but then i don’t know if i really needed one… of my relative in the Philippines will be happy this Christmas.I just got interested just
    because you have one.

  7. says

    wheng, I have no idea.

    Barbie, check the ingredients.

    Mareza, before you give it away, consider how helpful it can be for you. I tell ya, it’s a kitchen gem.

  8. anna says

    *does it really taste like food was grilled the traditional way (with charcoal)? or parang “fried” lang din ang dating ng food?

    *i went to gourdo’s ATC this afternoon. unfortunately, they didn’t have this. where else can i find something like this and how much would it cost me?

  9. says

    Anna, no charcoal flavor, definitely.

    “went to gourdo”?s…” Alam mo, Anna, I want to be helpful but if you read the entry, it’s clear that I had to ask my brother-in-law to bring home one from the States because I was having trouble finding one here. So, your question is, well…

  10. anna says

    “I”?ve seen Calpahlon cookware at Gourdo”?s and Living Well and the prices were, well”¦” – this gave me the impression that the grill was available at gourdo’s and that you requested your brother-in-law to buy you one in the states because you found the prices of calphalon at gourdos, well…and buying from the states might be a lot cheaper than the one being sold at gourdo’s.

  11. says

    No, there was Calphalon cookware at Gourdo’s and Living Well BUT NOT the grill that you see in the photo. The ones sold locally are smaller (skillet type) but more expensive than what my brother-in-law brought home.

      • belle says

        you mean to say, Con, you just grill the lamb chops straight without making timpla and then add the salt and pepper after they are cooked?

        • says

          That works. The seasoning permeates the meat sufficiently as it “rests” after grilling. Apparently, salt slows down the cooking which means the meat is on the grill longer than the ideal time (which can make it tough and rubbery).

  12. wil says

    Hi connie what is the best for grilling indoor yung bang masmaganda ang luto ng mga steak, Lodge cast iron griddle or hardanodized griddle?

  13. Jaclyn says

    HI Ms. Connie,

    You mentioned that high temperatures gets the meat seared fast while the inside does not get overcooked. Do I just turn it often so that the outside doesn’t get burnt while the inside is still being cook? I am contemplating on buying my first cast iron pan but I might burn the food. Sayang nmn. On an average, what is the average cooking time for tilapia, chicken and steak?