White sangria with citrus and mint

Unlike the older recipe in the archive, this white sangria has no fruit juices and no club soda. It is pure white wine sweetened with a little simple syrup and flavored with slices of lime and lemon and torn fresh mint leaves.What white wine is best? Sparkling white … [Read more...]


Holiday cocktails? Try white sangria

The first time I heard about white sangria, I thought of anemia. Sangria is derived from sangre, Spanish for blood, and sangria literally translates to bleeding. Anemia is when the body does not have enough red blood cells and one of the symptoms is having a pale pallor. So, … [Read more...]


Chicken with mixed berries and almonds

I've heard it often said that sweet and spicy go well together as they enhance each other's flavor. Well, this dish proves the truth of that statement. The chicken fillets were cooked in white wine with sweet-tangy dried berries, ginger and chili. Pearl onions and toasted … [Read more...]


Chicken and mushrooms in cream and white wine sauce

For a rather intimate (or even romantic) lunch or dinner for two to four persons, a small whole chicken weighing about a kilogram is an ideal ingredient to create a dish with. Just split and butterfly the chicken, brown in butter the cook slowly in white wine and herbs. When … [Read more...]


Cooking with wine and liquor

In the corporate world and in law offices, bottles of wine and liquor are not unusual Christmas gifts. Sometimes, one gets very good (and very expensive) stuff; sometimes, well, clients have budgets too.It is not uncommon either for the recipient to recycle the bottled … [Read more...]


A Prosecco cocktail with muddled mandarin oranges

My introduction to prosecco is an interesting story. There's this lady lawyer, a famous one, whom I met on Facebook. Although we are both alumnae of the U.P. College of Law, prior to our Facebook introduction, I hadn't met her in person because she graduated years ahead of … [Read more...]


Braised duck with mashed potatoes and gravy

On with the duck recipes. Remember I said three dishes from one duck? Here's the second using the duck's legs, thighs and wings.After the very fruity duck breast fillet with pineapple, orange and ginger sauce, this second dish is French inspired as it uses the trifecta … [Read more...]


Braised duck with pineapple, orange and ginger sauce

We bought a whole duck and the challenge is to cook at least three different dishes with it. After thawing the bird, I cut it into portions. The thighs, legs and wings will be tonight's dinner. The back portion will be a soup. And the deboned breast became today's lunch -- … [Read more...]