Watermelon and yogurt cooler

Watermelon and yogurt cooler

It’s summer in the Northern hemisphere but, here in the tropics, we are smack in the monsoon season. Not that it rains everyday. On the contrary, some days are so warm and humid it’s like summer never went. And nothing beats the heat than a cold drink.

This watermelon and yogurt cooler is a concoction of my daughter, Sam. I just took the photos. Sam did such a wonderful job with the presentation, layering the watermelon puree and yogurt in the glass and arranging a paper umbrella on top. But I was in such a hurry to take photos before the ice melted, I didn’t notice that the umbrella had fallen to the floor (so sorry about that, baby). But with or without the umbrella, the watermelon and yogurt cooler was fantastic. Have to ask Sam to do this more often. »

Watermelon punch


It's a cool day, the girls are back in their condo, it's time to unwind adult-style. Lunch was something that Speedy and I like (the girls tend to monopolize the choice of meals when they're home and I'm such an indulgent dolt, so...) -- stewed mongo (mung beans) and eggplants with crisp pork cubes a la lechon kawali.By … »

Watermelon iced tea


It was Sam who gave us our first taste of watermelon iced tea. She cut seedless watermelon into small cubes, dropped them into glasses of iced tea, gave Speedy and me each a glass and, oh wow, were we wide-eyed with surprise! So simple, so basic, so very refreshing. How could we not have thought of that?The key, of … »

Tonight’s dinner: seafood ramen and watermelon salad


We bought a pack of seafood balls and sticks -- the kind one often finds at shabu-shabu restaurants. Then, I bought a pack of soup bones. When we got home, I made broth from the soup bones (like this), boiled enough Japanese noodles for four, microwaved the seafood balls and sticks, cut some vegetables and, presto! We had … »

In search of the real margarita


I'm a mojito girl. After my UP Law class held a reunion / testimonial dinner a year and a half ago, in some of the photos that came out on Facebook, I was referred to as "that mojito chick." But long before I was introduced to mojito, I was in love with the margarita. Speedy's sister, Ava, was housekeeping manager at a … »

Sam’s sisig stuffed futomaki


Each time I posted photos of Sam's homemade sushi, there would inevitably be requests for the recipes among the comments. I really don't know how I can give any recipe since Sam rarely follows any but often uses just about whatever she finds in the fridge. She doesn't follow traditional combinations of ingredients, she's … »

The Lady In Red (watermelon and coconut rum cocktail)


Whenever she goes marketing with us, Sam asks if we could buy watermelon. If we have space in the fridge, I say yes. If not, I say next time. She wasn't with us at the supermarket last weekend but there were seedless watermelons galore and we did have space in the fridge for a whole watermelon. So, I asked Speedy to pick … »

Watermelon: from agua fresca to margarita


We've been making watermelon smoothies forever. In fact, the very first recipe in the "Drinks" category was the watermelon smoothie. It was updated in September 2010 when my daughter, Sam, made a picture pretty pitcher of her version. It was after that September 2010 update when reader RQ posted the following … »

Watermelon Smoothie


When I first posted a recipe for watermelon smoothie, I used a regular watermelon and the recipe included instructions on scraping off the seeds. That was in 2004 and you can see that old recipe on page two.Seedless watermelons started making an appearance in the local market not long after that. Although the first … »