Sweetened condensed milk cupcakes: lessons learned

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When Sam asked me to bake something for dessert last night, I begged off. Alex chimed in, they really wanted something sweet, but I spent a long time preparing lunch (two sets -- vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and I was exhausted physically and mentally. I told them that I only had enough reserve energy to prepare dinner.Their response surprised me. They said we … [Read more...]

Sweet and spicy bar nuts


When I was in college, very rarely did my friends and I enjoy the luxury of having finger food to go with our beer. Most of the time, we had to content ourselves with salted peanuts -- the greasy kind with skins on.These sweet and spicy bar nuts are a far cry from those days. These aren't greasy at all. The spices and seasonings stick to the nuts because the nuts are … [Read more...]

Applesauce and walnut ice cream


I've been making ice cream for months now and I've always followed the basic recipe for making the custard base -- egg yolks, sugar, cream and whole milk. A couple of days ago, on a whim, I decided to replace the sugar and part of the whole milk with sweetened condensed milk. The result was absolutely delightful -- the ice cream tasted like leche flan (custard or cream … [Read more...]

Banana walnut cupcakes


There is a banana walnut cake recipe in the archive but this is not the cupcake version of that recipe. This is an entirely new recipe and I like this better because the cake is softer and more moist. The walnuts were not stirred into the cupcake batter but sprinkled on top before baking. That's because my daughters aren't fans of walnuts so they had the option of just … [Read more...]

Lemon chicken with walnuts


This dish was inspired by a recipe called tangerine beef which I found in one of my cookbooks. I don't have access to fresh tangerines but I like the idea of adding nuts to deep fried meat coated in a sweet sticky glaze. I substituted lemon for the tangerine and chicken for the beef.If you prefer the lemon sauce that's bright yellow in color, use white sugar and add a … [Read more...]