Mango martini. Wow.


Why this drink is labeled a martini is a mystery to me. A martini is a drink made with gin and vermouth but this cocktail drink has neither. The ingredients are fresh mango, Triple Sec, vodka and lime juice. No gin. No vermouth. But whatever. Even if it’s a case of mislabeling, it really doesn’t matter. It tastes fantastic.

Most mango martini recipes do not include sugar. Speedy made a sugarless mix, I found it weird-tasting, then he handed me another glass which, he said, had sugar in it. It tasted perfect.

If you like to try to make a mango martini, try and get fresh ripe mangoes. We had two which were supposed to go into a bowl of kani salad but no one had the time to make the salad and the mangoes had turned very, very ripe. Obvious solution? Puree and make drinks. »

Dressing up blue kamikaze for the holidays


The recipe was simple enough — one part vodka, one part Blue CuraƧao and one part lime juice. The challenge was to rim the glasses to give the drinks a festive look. Kamikaze made festive? I know it sounds ironic — ridiculous, even … »

Pineapple upside-down cake


If you got here because you were searching for a recipe for pineapple upside-down cake, you came to the right place. Or not. Below is a recipe for pineapple upside-down cake but it isn't a cake-cake. Rather, it is a cocktail drink. Why it has the … »

Kiwi martini


Kiwi is short for kiwifruit. This luscious fruit with light green flesh wasn't always known by that name. It had many names in different countries (it still does, actually). It became "kiwifuit" in a branding attempt by New Zealand commercial … »

Purple Mask: the cocktail, the play and the movie


In 1905, a play called "The Scarlet Pimpernel" opened in England to negative reviews. The novel, based on the play, was published soon after and was a success. "The Scarlet Pimpernel" is a story about an aristocratic dandy, Sir Percy Blakeney, who … »

Strawberry lemonade


When you're sick, and I was for the last four days, you don't indulge in food and drinks that are "not healthy". Not that I was required to go on some special diet. It's more like my appetite and taste buds went on a vacation far away and everything … »

Greentini cocktail


The name of this cocktail drink is a play on the martini, a drink made with gin and vermouth. James Bond is probably the most famous endorser of the martini with his famous specification that his drink be "shaken, not stirred." Well, until Daniel … »

Long Island iced tea


Strange that this drink is called iced tea when there is no tea in it. Some say it is because it tastes similar to iced tea but I beg to disagree. Long Island iced tea tastes nothing like the common iced tea whether the iced tea is made from brewed … »

Killer coffee (totally unrelated to slimming)

Killer coffee

Search Google for "killer coffee" and among the top results link to an article about a slimming coffee that contains a carcinogenic ingredient.This is a coffee cocktail, not the slimming coffee that purportedly contains carcinogens. This is … »

Bloody Mary cocktail


According to Wikipedia, there are at least three theories as to the origin of the name of the Bloody Mary cocktail drink. The first is that it was named after Mary, Queen of England (1516-1558). The second is that it was inspired by actress Mary … »