Vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce

Oyster sauce is a very popular seasoning in Asian cooking. But for vegetarians... well, the oyster is an animal so oyster sauce cannot be used in vegetarian cooking. ... (more)


Vesak Day on Food Network Asia

On Saturday evening, Sam didn't make it to her bedroom. She napped on the living room couch, woke, ate, napped and... that was the point when we all went up to bed. ... (more)


Back to The Vegetarian Kitchen

Eating out these days can be quite a challenge. There are very few restaurants that offer real vegetarian meals so we can't just bring Sam anywhere to eat. Last Sunday, for ... (more)


Vegetarianism: perspectives

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it but, in our family, we look at vegetarianism from different perspectives. Of course, we are all aware that there are several kinds of ... (more)


Sambal kangkong with shrimp paste

Having just recently discovered the myriad of kangkong recipes in various Asian cuisines, my kangkong world has expanded by leaps and bounds. How was I to know that by simply ... (more)


Tofu and mushrooms teriyaki

It's meatless but it's filling. You can enjoy it with rice or just by itself. Fried cubes of firm tofu and chunks of shiitake mushrooms drizzled with homemade teriyaki sauce. ... (more)


3 great okra recipes

Teaching Speedy how to love okra. I might start with one of these three beautiful okra dishes: okra fries (microwave recipe), breaded fried okra and okra sabzi. ... (more)


Bernie’s Pancitan

My father loved Petula Clark's songs. He had a tape of her album and he often played it in the car. I was very young, not even in school yet, but after listening to her songs ... (more)