Vesak Day on Food Network Asia

On Saturday evening, Sam didn't make it to her bedroom. She napped on the living room couch, woke, ate, napped and... that was the point when we all went up to bed. Apparently, she didn't sleep straight through the night. I know because there were used plates and glasses on the coffee table when we woke up the next morning. And she must have watched a lot of TV too. I know … [Read more...]

Back to The Vegetarian Kitchen


Eating out these days can be quite a challenge. There are very few restaurants that offer real vegetarian meals so we can't just bring Sam anywhere to eat. Last Sunday, for instance, we treated her to Causeway, one of her favorite restaurants, to celebrate her successful photo exhibit. It turned out there were only a few meatless vegetable dishes and most had oyster sauce. … [Read more...]

Replacing proteins lost in meatless diets with legumes, fruits and nuts

I don't think I need to enumerate here the reasons why we need protein in our diet. Suffice to say that protein builds tissues and is a source of energy. In the human diet, meat, eggs and seafood are complete sources of protein with milk and dairy products a close second. Fortunately, Sam has chosen the ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. Meaning, she will not give up eggs, milk … [Read more...]

Sam’s take on vegetarianism and the food chain

When Sam declared she was going vegetarian and I agreed to support her, I started to do a lot of reading about meatless diets. To start with, a meatless diet is not necessarily healthier than a carnivorous one. A lot of people think that by giving up meat and limiting one's intake to vegetables, ailments will miraculously disappear and health threats will go down to zero. … [Read more...]

Vegetarianism: perspectives

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it but, in our family, we look at vegetarianism from different perspectives. Of course, we are all aware that there are several kinds of vegetarians (some include eggs and dairy in their diet; others, don't) and that a vegetarian is not necessarily a vegan. But how to approach vegetarianism?First of all, we're not planning on turning … [Read more...]

3 great okra recipes

Teaching Speedy how to love okra. I might start with one of these three beautiful okra dishes: okra fries (microwave recipe), breaded fried okra and okra sabzi. … [Read more...]