Tuna and tofu spring rolls

There is so much that needs to be said about these tuna and tofu spring rolls recipe. First, it is possible to generously feed four people using a 180-gram can of tuna. Second, tofu is a great extender. Third, San Marino tuna fillet in water is not so very tasty. I used a … [Read more...]


Canned tuna face off: Century versus San Marino

I mentioned San Marino tuna once before. More particularly, why we tried it once and never bought another can again. Well, we did. To make a very public comparison. While we prefer Permex tuna, we understand that it isn't as widely available as Century and San Marino. So, … [Read more...]


Stuffed and grilled baby portobello mushrooms

A popular appetizer and cocktail food, stuffed mushrooms are tasty and easy to make if you can find good mushrooms. I saw some baby portobello mushrooms at the supermarket last weekend and they looked just perfect for stuffing.There are hundreds of ways to make the … [Read more...]


Tuna and cheese pimiento canapés

If it weren't for my daughter, Sam, the tuna and cheese pimiento filling that went into these canapés would have become tuna and cheese pimiento sandwich spread instead. But Sam has an eye for visual delights (she's a Photography major, so that should be self-explanatory). … [Read more...]


Tuna and corn fritters

While waiting for the pork shoulder to thaw, I made these crisp and tasty tuna and corn fritters for our snack. Or, perhaps, you can consider it a late breakfast. It was after 10.00 a.m., I didn't expect the pork to thaw completely until around 1.00 p.m., and these fritters … [Read more...]


Tuna and potato roll

First of all, let me tell you that I am aware of the technical glitches that this blog has been experiencing. Something is being done about it, it will take a few days but, after that, the site will load faster and hopefully, with less down times.It is because I'm in the … [Read more...]


Tuna lumpia (spring rolls)

In April, 2003, I posted a tuna spring rolls recipe using cooked fresh tuna. Although I will always prefer fresh over canned, today is one day when I didn't have time to thaw anything from the freezer as it was almost lunch time when I got out of bed. The solution? An easy … [Read more...]


Salmon and tuna sashimi

Go to a Japanese restaurant, order sashimi and the price always seems disproportionate to the amount of raw seafood that you get. Why is sashimi so expensive? To start with, good quality seafood is expensive. Restaurants also put a premium on the skills of the chefs who … [Read more...]


Pasta primavera… with fresh tuna!

"Primavera" refers to a Central American hardwood tree with tubular yellow flowers or to the season of spring. The latter is descriptive of a variety of light pasta dishes that are cooked with fresh spring vegetables.There are no hard and fast rules as to what vegetables … [Read more...]

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Tuna and fresh mango stir fry

A little spicy and a little sweet, this dish is made with fresh mango puree, sliced fresh mangoes, tuna fillets and grated ginger. The addition of fresh cilantro gives it a refreshing and piquant twist.It was inspired by dish called fish fillets with mango salsa that I … [Read more...]