The immortal bagnet


I wish I could claim that I cooked this tantalizing slab of pork with crackling blistered skin but I didn't. We spent our last hours in Vigan scouring the shops along Calle Crisologo. It was Saturday morning and there seemed to be more food items for sale than during the previous nights. There was bagnet everywhere.What is bagnet? It is boiled and deep-fried pork … [Read more...]

The Ilocos food trip


We reached Vigan on Wednesday afternoon and although we had dinner in the city, the real food trip didn't begin until the following day. Ilocano food is so good that I am prepared to say that I am officially in love with it. From the purely vegetable dishes to the very carnivorous ones, every morsel was worth the oohhs and aahhhs that we uttered.I would have posted … [Read more...]

The street food of Vigan


At noon on Maundy Thursday, we left Baguio for Vigan in Ilocos Sur. I took photos along the way of whatever looked interesting which weren't many. Mostly, tobacco and corn fields. Probably the most notable were the eagle statue before exiting La Union and the wide expanse of the South China Sea all the way from Agoo in La Union to the first few towns of locos Sur.We … [Read more...]

Mid-afternoon snack at Camp John Hay: coffee and cakes at Everything Nice


On Wednesday afternoon, after a disastrous trip to La Trinidad Valley for strawberry picking, we headed back to Baguio, hellbent on assuaging our frustration with more shopping. We drove straight to the Camp John Hay Commissary to see if we could find more bargains in the shops that sell export overruns. Shopping can be tiring so, after visiting some five shops, we decided … [Read more...]

In Baguio City: 50s Diner, Revisited


At the corner of Upper General Luna and Brent Roads in Baguio is a diner that seems to be never wanting in customers. It's called 50s Diner and it's the place to go to for familiar, comforting, uncomplicated and very inexpensive food. My daughters love it there so when asked where we should have brunch last Wednesday, they unanimously chose 50s Diner.The name 50s Diner … [Read more...]

Sharon Cuneta at Gourmet’s Cafe

In front of Gourmet's Cafe in Silang, Cavite, right beside the store, is a spot where potted herbs and ornamental plants from Gourmet's farm are sold. Beside the pots of plants is a tarpaulin of actress-singer Sharon Cuneta showing her holding a trough of Gourmet's herbs. Endorsement?When we were touring the farm (see more photos), we passed by a plot of herbs where the … [Read more...]

Gourmet’s Cafe, revisited


The last time we were at Gourmet's Cafe in Silang, Cavite was two years ago. The food, as always, was good. The architecture and decor of the restaurant were both nostalgic and ethnic. Lots of antiques, wood sculptures, earth tones all over. Yesterday, because we couldn't get a parking space at Bag of Beans, we drove to Gourmet's Cafe instead. I figured it would be a good … [Read more...]

Too many bananas


You know it's summer when fruits are a-plenty. We just got home from an out-of-town weekend trip and roadside fruit stalls were bursting with bananas, papayas, watermelons, mangoes... what a sight!And just where did we go? You can read the preliminary story here. Lots of photos -- of places and food -- in the coming days. … [Read more...]

The stairs to the museum above the restaurant


Taken at the Balaw-balaw Restaurant which I wrote about in the previous entry. Part of the dining area is visible on the left side. At the center, a sitting area with a wall full of religious artifacts and another wall hung with paintings depicting people and scenes from a bygone era. At the right is the wide spiral staircase leading to the museum on the second … [Read more...]

Beanstreet: nice name for a coffee shop


In Roxas City a couple of years ago, I had a cup of cappuccino at a small coffee counter inside the Gaisano Mall. The name: Beanstreet. I thought it was a very cool name for an establishment that served coffee primarily. I would learn much later that there is a Beanstreet Coffee Company and that the logo of the Beanstreet coffee shop in Roxas City appears to be a … [Read more...]