My Thai at Eastwood Mall

If you ask me which Asian cuisine I like best, I won't hesitate to say "Chinese!" But ask me which Asian cuisine I like next to Chinese, I'll probably take my sweet time … [Read more...]


Thai inspired fish roe soup

Inspired by the Thai fish roe soup called tom yam khai pla, this soup is similar to sinigang but with deeper flavors and aroma because of the inclusion of lemongrass, holy … [Read more...]


Crustasia at Shangri-La Plaza

We had passed by Crustasia many times, we even took a peek at the buffet once but we never felt drawn enough to actually try it. One factor is that we don't do buffets anymore … [Read more...]


A feast in Phuket

When people ask what I think of Phuket, I tell them the food is simply fantastic. It's an answer that weirds out many because I know that the question is just another way of … [Read more...]


Tamarind paste

When I don't have fresh tamarind in the kitchen and I need tamarind juice (extract) for a dish that I want to cook, I use tamarind paste. Of course, not having fresh tamarind … [Read more...]


Thai sweet soy sauce

Before I post the masterpiece that my husband whipped up a couple of nights ago, let me first write something about the seasoning that figures prominently in the preparation … [Read more...]