Mango and honey-glazed baby back ribs with sweet potato fries

Mango and honey-glazed baby back ribs with sweet potato fries

**While I figure out some lingering technical issues with the blog, here is something from the archive, circa 2011. Enjoy!

Speedy and I have been getting used to light meals during weekdays. Sandwiches. Soup and bread… One Sunday morning recently when both our girls were home, he seemed a little shocked at the amount of food on the table. Well, it’s only on weekends that everyone’s home — isn’t that enough reason to celebrate? But, days after, I recalled the shocked expression on Speedy’s face and I wondered if I’d been taking less better care of him with all those light meals when the girls aren’t home. So, two days ago, I cooked a special lunch. Late lunch as it turned out because it took a few hours to thaw the baby back ribs. But it was a lunch worth the wait because it was delicious.

The baby back ribs were seasoned with a dry rub then baked for two hours until the meat was very tender. Then, I brushed the ribs with a mixture of pureed mangoes, honey and lemon juice. I grilled the ribs in the oven until the glaze had caramelized a bit. And, while the ribs were grilling, I made sweet potato fries. »

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