Is machang lo mai gai or zongzi?


It's sticky rice filled with chicken (or pork) and black mushrooms, sometimes with peanuts or chestnuts or both, wrapped in leaf then steamed. In the Philippines, it is known as machang and it is often listed under the dimsum items in Chinese restaurant … [Read more...]

Suman: rice cake in a tube. In three flavors.


To say that the English translation for suman is rice cake is a bit confusing since the term "rice cake" encompasses more than suman. When cooked in a tray or dish, rice cake is called bibingka, kakanin or kalamay. If cooked to achieve a bread-like … [Read more...]

Nian Gao (tikoy), a Chinese New Year tradition


Known as tikoy in the Philippines, nian gao is a traditional Chinese New Year dish. Why it is so has many aspects. One account has it that it is an offering to bribe the Kitchen God (see reference in Amy Tan's The Kitchen God's Wife) who reports … [Read more...]

Suman at latik (rice cakes with coconut jam)


Suman is a rice cake and there are as many varieties as there are towns and villages in the Philippines. Most are made with glutinous rice; others are made with cassava.This recipe uses suman sa ibus (ibos) which is made with glutinous rice and … [Read more...]