Pork and beans

It's been rainy for days. I like how the weather has cooled although I feel so sorry for those who have been caught in flash floods and traffic jams. Story of life in the … [Read more...]


Beef and spinach stew

Time for stews. Tradition says beef and red wine go together; I say it's a ridiculous rule. You can cook beef in white wine to make a delicious stew. And this is the … [Read more...]


Chicken and bean stew

I like beans. I even like canned pork and beans -- occasionally. Beans with tomato sauce is uncomplicated and comforting. But there has to be some meat to go with them and I'm … [Read more...]


Easy chicken and sausage stew

I love dishes that cook in 30 minutes or less especially when all I have to do is throw everything in a pan and the dish magically cooks by itself. This is one such dish. … [Read more...]