Pork and beans


It's been rainy for days. I like how the weather has cooled although I feel so sorry for those who have been caught in flash floods and traffic jams. Story of life in the Philippines, isn't it? We need rain to break the suffocating heat of the summer and … [Read more...]

Lentils and split chickpeas stew


I knew I was going to cook lentils for dinner but wasn't exactly sure how because I had never cooked lentils before. Printed on the package of the dried lentils was a recipe that looked interesting. Lentils, split chickpeas, meat, saba bananas and cabbage … [Read more...]

Beef short ribs stew with fruity red wine


Because of the Spanish influence in Filipino cuisine, a lot of the stews that we are familiar with are tomato-based. Afritada, sarciado, menudo, callos, kaldereta... But there is a whole world of stews out there beyond the ubiquitous tomato sauce.I … [Read more...]

Beef and spinach stew


Time for stews. Tradition says beef and red wine go together; I say it's a ridiculous rule. You can cook beef in white wine to make a delicious stew. And this is the proof.But why is it exactly a time for stews? It normally doesn't get this cold until … [Read more...]

Chicken and bean stew


I like beans. I even like canned pork and beans -- occasionally. Beans with tomato sauce is uncomplicated and comforting. But there has to be some meat to go with them and I'm not talking about the token pieces of fatty pork that come in a can of pork and … [Read more...]

Lechon kawali stew (a.k.a. Lechon Macau)


This is an updated version of a recipe originally published on July 20, 2004.These days, weekends are anything but slow and lazy. The girls' schedules have gone insane with the projects they need to finish and, most times, weekends are spent driving … [Read more...]

Pochero with Spicy Eggplant Sauce


This is an updated entry. The Filipino version I grew up with, originally published in 2003, is on page two.Puchero is a Spanish and South American dish and there are so many versions that it's sometimes confusing how to distinguish the puchero from … [Read more...]

Easy chicken and sausage stew


I love dishes that cook in 30 minutes or less especially when all I have to do is throw everything in a pan and the dish magically cooks by itself. This is one such dish. Hearty, loved by kids, a little spicy, a bit piquant and it comes with such … [Read more...]

Beef and vegetables with sour cream


Over the weekend when the girls were home, Speedy and I went to the supermarket while they were still asleep. There were so many shoppers and the queue was so long that it was almost lunch time when we got back. Not exactly the time to cook anything … [Read more...]