Cook beef stew, Vietnamese style

If you ask me what my favorite beef stew is in the whole world, I'll give you the names of two dishes: 1. Korean beef stew which is probably not authentic Korean but it is ... »


Pork and herbed dumplings stew

Say dumplings in Asia and it means steamed or fried dough with meat or sweet filling. In other parts of the world, dumplings look different, taste different and may be ... »

Memories of shepherd’s pie

Couples often have fond memories of their first acquisition. Their first couch, their first stove, their first pet... Our first acquisition, Speedy's and mine, was a cookbook. ... »


Dinuguan (pork and blood stew)

Dinuguan comes from the root word dugo, or blood. This dish is so named because it is a stew made with the blood of a freshly-slaughtered pig. Traditionally cooked using a ... »