Chinese sausage, Bulgogi ham and malunggay omelet

Chinese sausage, Bulgogi ham and malunggay omelet

We’re so used to Western-style omelets that we already associate specific vegetables than can go with the eggs — bell peppers, onions, mushrooms… Actually, anything can be thrown in with the eggs to make an omelet.

This omelet is Asian in every way — it has Chinese sausages, Bulgogi ham, scallions and malunggay leaves. Of course, you can always use your preferred variety of sausage or ham. But I really suggest you do not ditch the malunggay leaves to experience its versatility. »

What’s your preferred hot sauce? I’m no Tabasco girl but I love Sriracha.


Until I met Speedy, I wasn't really into spicy food. I grew up with parents who thought that spicy food was only for adults and, perhaps, in their eyes my brother and I never became adults so all that chili crushing in dipping sauces was reserved for them. My brother learned to appreciate spicy food earlier than I did … »