Linguine with spinach and yogurt sauce

The girls are on their summer break. Meal times are irregular as they catch up on sleep and their favorite TV shows. I have stopped trying to predict when they would come down for a meal so I cook whenever is convenient for me and spread everything on the dining table. I'm … [Read more...]


Spinach quesadillas

I can hear the noise from firecracker explosions as I write this, and it isn't even December 31 yet. On Facebook, author Geraldine Maayo posted about what she calls the impertinence of hospitals preparing for firecracker casualties when we should focus on banning … [Read more...]


Rice cake and spinach soup

Beef broth made from beef shank bones. Simmered for four hours, some of the bone marrow and the ligaments liquefied and became part of the broth. When chilled, the broth turned jelly-like. So richly concentrated it was.The life of this rice cake and spinach soup is in … [Read more...]


Creamed bacon and spinach toast

So many ways to serve toast, so many ways to cook bacon, so many ways to enjoy veggies... Sometimes, we just need to think outside the cooking parameters that we grew up with.This creamed bacon and spinach toast is what would be called an open faced sandwich in some … [Read more...]


Pork, corn and spinach pot pie

It's an anything goes pot pie because you can use any combination of meat and vegetables (or even vegetables only) for the filling. And for those who aren't too adept at making pie crust, here's an alternative -- use pancake batter. Yes, pancake batter. Just mix, pour over … [Read more...]


Chicken, potato and spinach soup

Thick, chunky and herby. The broth is made by simmering together the back portion of a chicken, a whole onion, cloves of garlic and peppercorns. The chicken is scooped out, the broth is strained, reheated and diced potatoes go into the broth along with fresh basil and thyme. … [Read more...]


Crisp-fried scad with spinach and coconut milk sauce

We had four whole fish, not really large, each about six inches from head to tail. Speedy and I finished all four because the sauce was so rich and creamy and tasty, and it completely elevated the status of the humble fried fish.What's the sauce? Sauteed aromatics, … [Read more...]


Spinach puree and coconut milk paste

One of my favorite ways of preparing spinach is by adding butter and cream to it. Creamed spinach, I call it. I was planning on making a huge batch the other day when I realized that we had run of of cream. I had already blanched the spinach and I was wondering what to do … [Read more...]


Mashed potatoes and squash with chopped spinach

I've made mashed potatoes and squash before but not like this. This is Chilean charquicán meets Irish champ (poundies) in an unforgettable symphony of flavors and colors. So good with grilled meat.But before the recipe, a tip. If you're going to boil the potatoes and … [Read more...]


Tofu and spinach with teriyaki sauce

For an omnivore who's eighty percent carnivore and twenty percent herbivore, cooking meatless dishes doesn't really come naturally. It's like re-learning every cooking trick I've come across (and like to think I've perfected) over the years. You just can't treat vegetables … [Read more...]