Melon cocktail with grape syrup

If you Google "melon cocktail", you'll find that there are two categories. The first is an alcoholic drink; the second is a dessert. This falls under the second category. But while most melon cocktail desserts simply used … [Read more...]


Alex’s cold milk and mango pudding

Speedy gave Alex an assignment today: do something with the mangoes in the fridge which were becoming too ripe already. Alex initially thought about a simple milkshake but wanted to incorporate gelatin in her recipe (which … [Read more...]


Gelato, cappuccino, bento and udon

A story I almost forgot to tell. It was in December between Christmas and New Year and my mother wanted to go out to buy her Christmas gifts for the girls. The gift-buying part took a very short time. It was the eating -- … [Read more...]


Kit Kat confetti cake

It's our 20th wedding anniversary. When Speedy greeted me shortly after midnight, I exclaimed, "Imagine... 20 years of seeing you everyday..." And Sam interjected, "No, that's 20 years of feeding him everyday... No, no... … [Read more...]


Fresh button mushrooms and parsley salad

Yesterday, I had lunch with girl friends from law school, the conversation -- hilarious all the way -- ranged from unsavory characters to disillusionment with the justice system to domestic help issues to coffee makers to, of … [Read more...]