Skewered and baked: honey balsamic chicken


Got balsamic vinegar? Never mind if it's just commercial grade stuff (read related post). Put it to use. There are so many ways to enjoy balsamic vinegar aside from mixing a vinaigrette. Add it to stews or make it the base for a marinade which is what I did for this dish.Adapted from a recipe by Giada de Laurentiis, the marinated and skewered chicken can be baked, … [Read more...]

Steamed whole tilapia with ginger and soy sauce


The dish that launched this blog. Literally. More than seven years ago, I was contributing articles to a business news website and starting my own blog. I posted a photo and recipe of a simple steamed tilapia dish, the business website editor saw it and said I had a gold mine in there. Well, "gold mine" is figurative but that encouraged me enough to get serious about food … [Read more...]