Green, red and yellow curry: what’s the difference?

First of all, curry is a blend of spices, not a single spice. It is primarily used in South Asian and Southeast Asian cooking although it is fast becoming popular outside of these regions. What spices are included in the mix varies from cook to cook and region to … [Read more...]


Bangus (milkfish) kebobs

Lamb is the meat traditionally used for making kebob but, these days, especially with the popularity of vegetarian diets, anything can be skewered and cooked as a kebob. I grilled mine using bangus (milkfish) back fillets. I minced the fish flesh and the vegetables in a food … [Read more...]


Rice pilaf with chicken and cashew nuts

Don't let the title intimidate you -- pilaf is just rice cooked in seasoned broth. It's something we've been doing for years here at home and, until recently, I didn't know there was a name for it. It's very similar to Hainanese chicken rice except that with pilaf, you can … [Read more...]


Beef curry on a shoestring budget

If you need to stretch your meat, cut them into smaller pieces. Add vegetables that go well with the meat and -- presto! -- you've doubled the amount of the cooked dish. It's something I learned from two women.When Speedy and I were newly married and living with his … [Read more...]