Laswa, a vegetable soup

It's been a week since I arrived from my seven-day vacation in Negros Occidental and I still get dreamy over the good food we enjoyed there. We dined out, yes, but we ate more meals at the hacienda where we stayed.Home cooked food in Negros is drool-worthy but not in the … [Read more...]


Vegan sinigang with vegetable dumplings

No meat, no seafood; just vegetables in a rich and tasty broth flavored with tamarind extract. And, for a surprising twist, vegetable dumplings. This is sinigang that vegetarians will love.I cooked this sinigang for Sam a while back. The vegetable dumplings were … [Read more...]


How to make bread bowl soup

Strictly speaking, you don't cook bread bowl soup. You cook soup and serve it in a bread bowl. The bread bowl is any crusty round bread that had been hollowed out. The soup can be any soup although I find that the thick ones make a better filling for bread bowls.So, let's … [Read more...]

Free range chickens make the tastiest broth

I've already proven to myself that the meat of free range chicken is tastier and shrinkage is a lot less during cooking. A few days ago, I proved to myself that free range chicken makes the tastiest broth too.The difference is amazing. I cooked a chicken, tofu and … [Read more...]


Bulawan Floating Restaurant on Good Friday

We've been to Bulawan before. The last time, Speedy and I had lunch there on a weekday, on a whim, and the experience was just so relaxing and peaceful, and the food so good that, right there and then, I decided I'd write a story. The story was published as a feature article … [Read more...]


Two ways to make egg drop soup

Probably the simplest soup is the clear broth -- what the French call consomm√© -- which I am not a fan of. I am, however, a big fan of clear broth with strands of egg floating in it. Yes, the egg drop soup. The most basic is just clear broth and egg. To that, a wide array of … [Read more...]


How to cook miso ramen with mushroom balls (meatless)

It's meatless but not exactly vegetarian because dashi, the base for miso soup, is a stock cooked by simmering bonito flakes and kombu. Bonito flakes, or katsuobushi in Japanese, are shaved skipjack tuna that had been dried, fermented and smoked.To make this dish, I first … [Read more...]