Laswa, a vegetable soup

It's been a week since I arrived from my seven-day vacation in Negros Occidental and I still get dreamy over the good food we enjoyed there. We dined out, yes, but we ate more meals at the hacienda where we stayed.Home … [Read more...]


Vegan sinigang with vegetable dumplings

No meat, no seafood; just vegetables in a rich and tasty broth flavored with tamarind extract. And, for a surprising twist, vegetable dumplings. This is sinigang that vegetarians will love.I cooked this sinigang for Sam a … [Read more...]


How to make bread bowl soup

Strictly speaking, you don't cook bread bowl soup. You cook soup and serve it in a bread bowl. The bread bowl is any crusty round bread that had been hollowed out. The soup can be any soup although I find that the thick ones … [Read more...]


Bulawan Floating Restaurant on Good Friday

We've been to Bulawan before. The last time, Speedy and I had lunch there on a weekday, on a whim, and the experience was just so relaxing and peaceful, and the food so good that, right there and then, I decided I'd write a … [Read more...]


Two ways to make egg drop soup

Probably the simplest soup is the clear broth -- what the French call consomm√© -- which I am not a fan of. I am, however, a big fan of clear broth with strands of egg floating in it. Yes, the egg drop soup. The most basic is … [Read more...]