15-minute shrimp curry

Summary: Vacuum-packed shelled and deveined shrimps, and curry paste in a jar, conveniently available in groceries and supermarkets, were used in this dish. Preparation time … [Read more...]


Shrimp and broccoli stir fry

Speedy and the girls love shrimps and prawns so even if I can't eat them (except for a bite here and there because of an allergy), I cook dishes with shrimps or prawns just … [Read more...]


Mac, cheese and shrimps

Made with vacuum-sealed shrimps found at the frozen section of Robinson's Metro East Supermarket. The shrimps came shelled, the heads cut off and, most importantly, the backs … [Read more...]


Ebi (shrimp) tempura

Panko is a wonderful thing for fried food. And although traditionally used for dishes like tonkatsu, I like to use panko for making tempura too. Instead of dipping the shrimps … [Read more...]


Camaron rebosado

It's the Filipino version of the Japanese tempura but how we cook camaron rebosado is more similar to the Chinese way of cooking this crispy batter coated shrimps. A lot of … [Read more...]

Dried shrimps

Dried shrimps

This is one of those things that illustrates well the saying that "a little goes a long, long way". These tiny sun dried shrimps are so tasty that you only need a few … [Read more...]


Chili garlic prawns

Prawns are pricey but most people don't mind spending extra during the holidays. Here's an easy prawn recipe that will earn praises for the cook. For this chili garlic … [Read more...]