Gingered mussel soup

The fastest and easiest way to ruin any seafood dish is by overcooking. Unlike meat, seafood turns chewy and rubbery with overcooking. And they shrink like anything.Most people make mussel soup by adding the mussels to the pan before pouring in the water. I don’t. I let … [Read more...]


Do mussels and clams need to be soaked before cooking?

Shellfish are lovely little things. I am allergic to crustaceans but bivalve molluscs and I get together very well. I love oysters. Oh, how I love oysters! And, next to oysters, mussels and clams, and the occasional scallops when available and affordable. Oysters are simple … [Read more...]


Fettuccine aglio e olio with mussels

It's still the very basic and very easy to make pasta aglia e olio. Two additions, though. The first is an ingredient; the second is both an ingredient and a procedure.Evidently, I added mussels. And to give the dish a deeper flavor, I cooked the fettuccine in mussel … [Read more...]


Laura’s baked oysters a la Rockefeller

It is said that Antoine Alciatore, the creator of the original Oysters Rockefeller recipe and founder of Antoine's in New Orleans, took his secret to his grave. The chefs at Antoine's say there is no spinach in the recipe but many copycat versions, including this one, … [Read more...]


Meatless Ma Po Tofu

It didn't sound right at first -- cooking ma po tofu without meat. But, yesterday, not wanting to waste the silken tofu that was nearing expiration but without having thawed any meat to go with it, I decided to take the plunge -- ma po tofu with mushrooms and clams and with … [Read more...]


Smooth and velvety clam chowder

In the clam chowder post, reader Hershey commented that she he made clam chowder too and posted a link. I visited her his blog, saw her his clam chowder recipe, and was amazed by her his industriousness -- she he shucked the clams before adding them to the soup. How much … [Read more...]


Easy pan-fried scallops and bacon

He did it again. Speedy, I mean. I was thawing scallops for lunch and, at the same time, I was making an apple crumble when the blog went offline, I had to attend to it and the apple crumble burned in the oven. The scallops, however, did not turn into a disaster. Instead, … [Read more...]


Clam soup with ginger and chilies

Simple but tasty. Very low fat. This soup uses spices that are associated with Southeast Asian and South Asian cuisines but I can't say that it belongs exclusively to any country's cuisine. So I label it as simply "Asian." Because it is. Yet, it is global too because the … [Read more...]


Unclassified edible shellfish

Within walking distance of White Beach in Boracay is a market where you can choose the fresh seafood and have them cooked according to your specifications. This very colorful shellfish was among those for sale. It was very much alive when I took the photo and the vendor had … [Read more...]