Gingered mussel soup

The fastest and easiest way to ruin any seafood dish is by overcooking. Unlike meat, seafood turns chewy and rubbery with overcooking. And they shrink like anything. Most … [Read more...]


Meatless Ma Po Tofu

It didn't sound right at first -- cooking ma po tofu without meat. But, yesterday, not wanting to waste the silken tofu that was nearing expiration but without having thawed … [Read more...]


Smooth and velvety clam chowder

In the clam chowder post, reader Hershey commented that she he made clam chowder too and posted a link. I visited her his blog, saw her his clam chowder recipe, and was amazed … [Read more...]


Unclassified edible shellfish

Within walking distance of White Beach in Boracay is a market where you can choose the fresh seafood and have them cooked according to your specifications. This very colorful … [Read more...]


Prawns and ginger soup

Rustic and comforting, very Asian in essence, this soup is simplicity illustrated. Saute ginger, garlic and shallots in a little oil, pour in water, add the prawns and some … [Read more...]