Pork and sausage chili


When one hears the word "chili", the thing that comes to mind is the stew called chili con carne. It's almost as though "chili" were the nickname of chili con carne, a spicy dish that usually include ground or minced beef, tomato sauce and kidney beans.On the other hand, when one hears "pork and beans", the image that forms in the mind is a stew made with white navy … [Read more...]

10-minute spaghetti with pimiento pesto and pan-fried sausages


The traditional definition of pesto is a sauce made with crushed basil leaves, pine nuts and garlic mixed with olive oil and grated parmesan cheese. But pesto can include a whole lot of other ingredients -- basil can be substituted with some other herb or herbs, for instance -- and it would still be pesto so long as the preparation stays the same. According to my … [Read more...]

Savory breakfast cake


Since the girls went away to college, there's been no more packed lunches to prepare five days a week. So, there's really been no pressing reason to get up early in the morning. Most times, lunch is my first meal for the day. During the rare times that I feel hungry before 11.00 a.m., I have brunch. Today, however, was an exception. Speedy left early to have the car tuned … [Read more...]

Speedy’s three little pigs sandwich


The reason for yesterday's post about Anthony Bourdain was to introduce the recipe for this sandwich: Speedy's version of the three little pigs, the original the pride of the Silver Palm restaurant in Chicago. The sandwich gets its name from the three kinds of pork filling: smoked ham, breaded pork cutlet and bacon. The meat are piled on the bottom half of a bun, smothered … [Read more...]

Waknatoy: a dish with a funny name


Marikeños like to say that waknatoy is a dish unique to Marikina. Well, the name is unique to Marikina but the dish itself is not. Waknatoy is simply a variant of menudo. The only marked difference is the addition of pickles which gives waknatoy a sweet-tangy flavor. The rest of the ingredients are the same -- meat (pork, most of the time), liver, potatoes, carrots, … [Read more...]

Farmer’s Soup


Almost anything can go into a farmer's soup. The only caveat -- they must all be fresh. Farmer's soup derives its name from the practice of cooking soup with ingredients fresh from the farmer's market. Or, if you prefer an even fresher version -- with ingredients fresh from the farmer's garden. Either way, there is no room for canned vegetables in farmer's soup. Use the … [Read more...]

The best brunch ever: scrambled eggs, pancetta and sausages


There wasn't a lot of cooking that went on in the house today as we were too busy trying to figure out if I was pregnant or not. Turns out, I'm not. Am I relieved or disappointed? Neither. No strong emotions either way. Probably, at the back of my mind, I knew I couldn't be pregnant. Speedy's too careful because, as he says, with our girls in college, we can already see … [Read more...]

Jambalaya-inspired chicken and sausage rice


There is Creole jambalaya (with tomatoes) and there is Cajun jambalaya (without tomatoes). This chicken and sausage rice dish was inspired by Cajun jambalaya. Spicy sausage meat is browned and, in the rendered fat, sausage slices and chicken are browned then partially cooked. Rice and water are added then everything is simmered for half an hour until the rice is done. The … [Read more...]

A la Japadog


In the Vancouver episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain visited the Japadog food stand which has become some kind of institution in Vancouver. Japadog? An amazing East-meets-West concoction which, according to Bourdain, is delicious. It's a hotdog sandwich with Japanese relish and condiments -- wasabi mayo, seaweeds, daikon sprouts, teriyaki sauce... The relish and … [Read more...]