Tacos a la Cubana

A play on the rice dish that Filipinos call arroz a la Cubana, these tacos are filled with beef and sausage stew, raw onions, cucumbers and tomatoes, and ripe mangoes. On the ... »


A la Kartoffelsalat (German potato salad)

What makes a potato salad German? According to some, it is the use of a vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise for the dressing. It appears, however, that this is not an absolute ... »


Pork and sausage chili

When one hears the word "chili", the thing that comes to mind is the stew called chili con carne. It's almost as though "chili" were the nickname of chili con carne, a spicy ... »


Savory breakfast cake

Since the girls went away to college, there's been no more packed lunches to prepare five days a week. So, there's really been no pressing reason to get up early in the ... »


Speedy’s three little pigs sandwich

The reason for yesterday's post about Anthony Bourdain was to introduce the recipe for this sandwich: Speedy's version of the three little pigs, the original the pride of the ... »


Waknatoy, a dish with a funny name

Marikeños like to say that waknatoy is a dish unique to Marikina. Well, the name is unique to Marikina but the dish itself is not. Waknatoy is simply a variant of menudo. The ... »


Farmer’s Soup

Almost anything can go into a farmer's soup. The only caveat -- they must all be fresh. Farmer's soup derives its name from the practice of cooking soup with ingredients fresh ... »