Braised beef kneecap and sausages with potatoes and cabbage


I don't know in how many parts of the world people eat beef kneecap but, in the Philippines, it is quite a delicacy. And when I say kneecap, I don't really mean the bony cap itself (although that's part of the whole enchilada) but the meat, the tendons and the fat surrounding it.Cooked by itself, it is already so … »

Tripe, sausage and chickpea soup


This is a tomato-based soup quite similar to the tomato soup with tripe and sausage but with a few significant differences. First, the ox tripe and knuckles were pressure-cooked to save time and fuel. Second, I used glorious, glorious Vigan longganisa, a present from Alex who went on a field trip to Ilocos about three weeks … »

Spaghetti aglio e olio with sun-dried tomatoes, bacon and Hungarian sausage


I hope you're still not tired of pasta aglia e olio yet because I'm still discovering so many wonderful variations. Apart from the basic spaghetti aglia e olio, I've cooked a variation with sun-dried tomatoes and, more recently, with mussels on the half shell. This time, I took the variation with sun-dried tomatoes a step … »

Chinese sausage, tofu and mushroom soup


In About Chinese sausages, I asked how you readers like to cook them and there was a comment that stood out. While most, myself included, fry Chinese sausages or include them in stir fried dishes, reader Marilyn wrote about steaming them with chicken. It made me pause but then I realized it really wasn't all that … »

Pasta with crumbled Hungarian sausage and yogurt


A simple, easy and very tasty pasta dish that you can cook in one pan. Right, one pan (a wok is ideal). Who wants to wash a ton of pans and utensils anyway?The secret is in a very tasty sausage. And if you're not a fan of sausage fat (although it's very tasty, I tell you), I have a trick to turn this dish into a low … »

Creamed sausage, potato and cabbage soup a la zuppa Toscana


If I had access to kale, I'd have used a bunch in lieu of white cabbage. If I had, this would be a real Zuppa Toscana, that famed Italian soup that chef Emeril Lagasse swears his mother cooks the best version of. But I don't know where to buy kale -- in my lonely corner of suburbia or anywhere else in this country. Armed … »

About Chinese sausages


When pressed for time or too lazy to cook a full meal or when the fridge and pantry are almost empty, one of the easiest -- and tastiest -- dishes that I can whip up is a combo of thinly sliced Chinese sausages and scrambled eggs. I like to cook them as an omelet or to stir them into rice to make a Chinese style fried rice. … »

Skillet sausage and eggs


A perfect breakfast dish that you can enjoy any time of the day. It's the classic sausage-and-egg dish cooked with a twist. The sausages are sliced and browned in a skillet, onions, tomatoes and fresh basil are added, meat and veggies are pushed to create craters, eggs are cracked into the craters and cooking continues just … »

Sausage muffins


Spending time on Tumblr has its benefits (yes, I do have an account there). I come across food blogs I've never seen before, get acquainted with other food bloggers and discover dishes that are totally out-of-this-world terrific.¬†For instance, although I have read and heard about "Super Bowl" recipes before, I never knew … »

Tacos a la Cubana


A play on the rice dish that Filipinos call arroz a la Cubana, these tacos are filled with beef and sausage stew, raw onions, cucumbers and tomatoes, and ripe mangoes. On the side, a fried egg, sunny side up, and slices of golden saba bananas. We had this for our late lunch while watching the second day of the impeachment … »