About Chinese sausages

When pressed for time or too lazy to cook a full meal or when the fridge and pantry are almost empty, one of the easiest -- and tastiest -- dishes that I can whip up is a … [Read more...]


Skillet sausage and eggs

A perfect breakfast dish that you can enjoy any time of the day. It's the classic sausage-and-egg dish cooked with a twist. The sausages are sliced and browned in a skillet, … [Read more...]


Sausage muffins

Spending time on Tumblr has its benefits (yes, I do have an account there). I come across food blogs I've never seen before, get acquainted with other food bloggers and … [Read more...]


Tacos a la Cubana

A play on the rice dish that Filipinos call arroz a la Cubana, these tacos are filled with beef and sausage stew, raw onions, cucumbers and tomatoes, and ripe mangoes. On the … [Read more...]


Pork and sausage chili

When one hears the word "chili", the thing that comes to mind is the stew called chili con carne. It's almost as though "chili" were the nickname of chili con carne, a spicy … [Read more...]