Recipes with sausages

Longsilog (Filipino sausage, egg and rice breakfast), repackaged

Not too long ago, I posted a recipe with sausages as an ingredient and it confused a Filipino reader who thought I made a mistake because, according to her, sausages came out of a can and what I used in the recipe looked something like longganisa. I told her, of course, that highly seasoned meat in tube form, with or without casing, is a sausage. Some are short and thin while others long and thick (that sounds almost like porn but that’s how sausages are), they can also be fresh, cooked, dried, smoked, cured, linked or unlinked.

The confusion in definition is an interesting one. For Filipinos raised by parents who grew up in post-World War II Manila, a lot of food items are defined in the context of G.I. food. Hence, canned Vienna sausages were sausages and other meats in tube form were known by other names. All canned luncheon meat were called SPAM. There was no distinction between chocolate bars and candies, on the one hand, and chocolate in pure form, on the other. It’s the food factory culture and it was contagious.

All that is for context as this is a post about longsilog, the Filipino sausage, egg and rice (all-day) breakfast plate. For non-Filipinos, longsilog is a portmanteau of three food items: “long” stands for longganisa (sausage), “si” is for sinangag (fried rice) and “log” is itlog (egg). Longsilog is just one of the many silog breakfast plates. There are also tapsilog (tap is for tapa or cured beef) and tosilog (“to” for tocino or cured pork). Those are the more traditional ones; there are contemporary variations that are too many to mention.

In the traditional silog breakfast plate, the fried rice is almost always garlic fried rice and the fried egg is served sunny-side-up. One time, Speedy and I were watching TV, Unique Eats was on and the episode was about the Kapiolani Community College Farmer’s Market in Honolulu, Hawaii. One dish caught my eye. It was longsilog but the presentation was different. The rice was Chinese-style fried rice, the Hungarian sausages were sliced (rarely done in the Philippines were sausages are small and are, therefore, served whole) and the eggs were scrambled. It looked awesome.

I made my version recently. To call it repacked longsilog would hit raw nerves among Filipino food purists but, what the heck? Purists are a small-minded lot, anyway. »

Sausage and apple sandwiches


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Tocino and Chinese sausage fried rice


One of the most popular Filipino breakfast dishes meets its Chinese counterpart. Chinese-style fried rice, of which chopped sausage is a common ingredient, is cooked with the Filipino combination of tocino and egg. One pan to cook everything in means less washing. Own bowl to serve an entire dish with means even less … »

Chinese sausage, Bulgogi ham and malunggay omelet


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10-minute Chinese sausage, spinach and eggs stir fry


Today's brunch consisted of sausages and eggs. But not fried like they're usually served. This fast-cooking, tasty meal has everything in it, including a generous amount of vegetable, and it is cooked a la oyakodon -- with eggs, lightly stirred, and a little sauce. It's a little salty, subtly sweet and very tasty. Simple to … »

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Savory muffins with cheddar, sausage meat, sun-dried tomatoes and basil


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Angel hair pasta with pesto and crumbled spicy sausages


Hope you dads had a nice time yesterday. We're really not big on celebrating things like Father's Day and Mother's Day but yesterday was an exception. Yesterday was also Speedy's birthday so we were celebrating all throughout the weekend. Nothing grand. Just the four of us together with lots of good food.It started with … »

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A one-pot dish that's a breeze to prepare. The sausage meat makes the broth rich in taste while the vegetables and pasta make the soup very filling. Serve it as a first course and you don't have to follow it up with a heavy meat dish. Best of all, it's so rustic and comforting it almost feels like having a meal in a shaded … »

Sausage and milk pasta


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