Recipes with sausages


Angel hair pasta with crumbled chorizo

When I travel, I make it a point not to buy anything that I'd be able to find back home anyway. Travel is about discovering new things, after all. Or, when travelling somewhere I had visited before, it is a reacquaintance … [Read more...]


An eggs and sausages breakfast tip

One of my favorite breakfasts -- eggs and sausages. Well-browned spicy sausages and fried eggs, sunny side up, to be more accurate. Spicy sausages? Yes, garlicky and hot, if available. Not canned Vienna sausages nor hotdogs, … [Read more...]


Sausage and apple sandwiches

There is a program on Asian Food Channel called Return to River Cottage hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. An old show, actually, that originally started airing in 2000 but which we're only getting to see now here in … [Read more...]

Tocino and Chinese sausage fried rice

One of the most popular Filipino breakfast dishes meets its Chinese counterpart. Chinese-style fried rice, of which chopped sausage is a common ingredient, is cooked with the Filipino combination of tocino and egg. One pan to … [Read more...]


The accidental breakfast

I can't remember the last time I had breakfast if, by breakfast, you mean morning meal. Technically, breakfast -- derived from breaking the fast because you fast the whole night while sleeping -- is the first meal of the day. … [Read more...]