Sardines frittata in tortilla

Beef and chicken are not the only things you can use to stuff flour tortillas. A tortilla is a bread and anything that goes well with bread will taste delicious with tortilla. I bought a bag of flour tortilla a week ago … [Read more...]


Sardines in oil

These are my favorite. Unlike sardines in cans which are often soggy and is 80% sauce, sardines in jars are firm and much more flavorful. Great for frittatas, great for sandwiches and great with pasta.See also Something like … [Read more...]


(Something like) pasta a la putanesca

With the interval of postings on this blog, you'd think we haven't been eating at home. It's not that I haven't been cooking; it's just that I haven't been blogging too much lately. At least, not in my personal blogs. There's … [Read more...]


Spanish sardines spaghetti

I was so pleased that the cooked dish turned out so well. Really great. So, I guess it's important to say that in cooking this dish, choose the sardines with caution. The ones that come in jars are more firm and … [Read more...]