Microwave recipe: cheese-topped baked egg and sardines

cheese-topped baked egg and sardines

It’s 1.00 a.m. on Sunday morning as I start writing this post. We’re still up, Sam and Speedy are watching cartoons, Alex is taking a shower and I am here near the oven where I can watch the tray that will yield what I will call dulce de leche squares when they’re done. But more on that later; I can’t write about something that’s still in the oven.

The point of this post, really (well, apart from the recipe, of course), is to draw a comparison between the simple meals that Speedy and I share during weekdays with the amount of food that we consume during the weekend when the girls are home. For some reason, the girls seem to be on a perpetual food trip when they’re here. And we indulge them.

But Speedy and me, when there’s just the two of us in the house? We keep things simple most of that time. For instance, the sardines meal from a couple of days ago. Yes, sardines.

I like doing things to sardines. Yes, there is a rather small archive for recipes with sardines which somewhat shows how I like going way beyond sautéing garlic, onion and tomatoes and mixing in canned sardines until the fish are an undecipherable mush. That was what everyone did with canned sardines when I was a child. But I don’t like mushy sardines. As much as possible, I like to see the fish. And I like to feel the texture of the fish inside my mouth. And this dish is just another example of how I deal with canned sardines. »

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