White corn and chicken soup


There is another white corn soup in the archive with pork and squash flowers. This version is not as colorful but it is definitely richer in flavor. If it were a photograph, I'd describe the flavors as deep tones and bold saturation. What makes it so richly flavored? Caramelized onions. Instead of simply sauteing sliced onions, I cooked them gently until they had rendered … [Read more...]

Saluyot and spinach soup


Armed with the information that saluyot is slimy, I combined the saluyot leaves with spinach to make a chunky soup that wouldn't be too slimy that Speedy and Sam wouldn't touch it. As it turned out, Sam ate a little, then balked at the sliminess but at least she tried it. Next time, I'll add other vegetables to make the sliminess of the saluyot really negligible.Packed … [Read more...]