Pan-grilled salmon fillet with lemon-butter-garlic sauce

Much as I love tilapia and bangus (milkfish), nothing compares with my unbridled devotion for salmon. Nothing even comes close. I eat salmon raw (sashimi), smoked, grilled, poached, broiled, boiled… I eat salmon fillets and steaks, the belly, the head… There just isn’t any part of this fish that I don’t like.

Yes, salmon is expensive. That’s why it isn’t something we can enjoy everyday. So when we buy salmon, we make the most of it by preparing the fish only in the best possible way and with the choicest ingredients. Like this pan-grilled salmon fillet. The simplicity in the preparation is astonishing and cooking is nothing more than pan-grilling though executed with meticulous care. And the sauce? Bright and rich, spicy and tangy.  »

Salmon and vegetables pot pie


I love pot pies. I love the surprise hidden underneath the golden crust, I love the steam that hits your face as you break through the crust, I love the contrast between the flaky crust and the creamy filling. In fact, I love savory pies more than … »

Salmon-topped pasta with white sauce


Alex had been asking for baked salmon with buttered vegetables but we only had a 300-gram or so of salmon fillet and it wouldn't have been enough to feel all four of us for lunch. So, I deviated from the baked salmon with buttered vegetables by … »

Smoked salmon and cream cheese terrine


For yesterday's potluck party, Laura, my ex-future sister-in-law (go figure) brought a lovely smoked salmon and cream cheese terrine topped with caviar. I understand that it was inspired by an appetizer served at Bizu Patisserie. We attacked it with … »

Salmon and tuna sashimi


Go to a Japanese restaurant, order sashimi and the price always seems disproportionate to the amount of raw seafood that you get. Why is sashimi so expensive? To start with, good quality seafood is expensive. Restaurants also put a premium on the … »