Pork and bacon pot pies

Rustic. Comforting. Relaxed. Those are the three words that come to mind when digging into a pot pie. Pot pies are not part of the Filipino culinary tradition, I certainly did … [Read more...]


Cooking with wine and liquor

In the corporate world and in law offices, bottles of wine and liquor are not unusual Christmas gifts. Sometimes, one gets very good (and very expensive) stuff; sometimes, … [Read more...]

Vin de pays du Gard

The day we participated in the Pangasius Food Festival, the gregarious and uber fun sister of the host surprised us with a bottle of wine. She whipped it out of nowhere and … [Read more...]


Red wine, not Krug champagne

I took this photo more than a month ago, posted it in Facebook but not here because I couldn't decide how best to contextualize it. Something red wine related or should I just … [Read more...]