Holiday beef stew


Aaahhh, the deep richness of stew that had been cooked in red wine. It’s incomparable. So perfect for the chilly nights that go hand-in-glove with the holiday season. I used about three quarters of a bottle of Merlot for this beef stew, a generous amount of herbs was added and the sauce was thickened with a mixture of flour and butter.

It starts with mirepoix which provides the first layer of concentrated yet still subtle flavors. Then, the Merlot and the herbs, and that’s really all you need to infuse the meat with all things wonderful.

Note that there are two ways you can prepare the beef to make sure that the beef pieces retain their shape better during the long, slow cooking. One is to parboil; the other is to brown the meat. Your choice. href="">(more)

Pork and bacon pot pies


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Beef short ribs stew with fruity red wine


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Cooking with wine and liquor


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Beef bourguignon (beef Burgundy)


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Vin de pays du Gard


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Strawberries, chocolate fondue and tawny port


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Beef and apricots stewed in red wine


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Chicken and chick peas in red wine


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