Filipino breakfast pizza

The longganisa (native sausage) and whole eggs combination is a Filipino favorite all-day breakfast meal. They're usually served with rice and a simple tomato salad on the side. Instead of serving longganisa and eggs with rice, I turned them into pizza topping. The dough is … [Read more...]


Cabbage and quail eggs soup

Quail eggs add an interesting touch to any soup. Even the simplest and plainest-looking soup is perked up with the addition of quail eggs. They are usually added to the Chinese birds' nest soup but quail eggs can go into a lot of other soups, including a simple cabbage … [Read more...]


Adobo, quail eggs and rice

I've cooked this dish twice -- the first time, I can't remember anymore and, the second time, for the noche buena episode of Jessica Soho's show on GMA Channel 7 which was scheduled to air last Saturday, December 15th, but didn't. There are slight differences between the two … [Read more...]

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Lunch with the in – laws: ostrich chop suey

My sister-in-law, Ava, bought a new car and had it blessed at the Antipolo Cathedral yesterday. For those unfamiliar with Philippine religious traditions, new cars get blessed in the Philippines, just like new houses. And the Antipolo Cathedral, home of the Nuestra … [Read more...]

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Ground beef, mushrooms and quail eggs in oyster sauce

I was planning on cooking Scotch Eggs but I got lazy last night after cooking an entire tikoy a few hours earlier. Besides, I had fresh mushrooms in the fridge that I didn't want to go to waste. So, why not a stir fried dish? It would be fast, it entails less work and the … [Read more...]