Filipino breakfast pizza

The longganisa (native sausage) and whole eggs combination is a Filipino favorite all-day breakfast meal. They're usually served with rice and a simple tomato salad on the side. Instead of serving longganisa and eggs with … [Read more...]


Cabbage and quail eggs soup

Quail eggs add an interesting touch to any soup. Even the simplest and plainest-looking soup is perked up with the addition of quail eggs. They are usually added to the Chinese birds' nest soup but quail eggs can go into a … [Read more...]


Adobo, quail eggs and rice

I've cooked this dish twice -- the first time, I can't remember anymore and, the second time, for the noche buena episode of Jessica Soho's show on GMA Channel 7 which was scheduled to air last Saturday, December 15th, but … [Read more...]