Coconut custard pie

Imagine leche flan (steamed crème caramel) or crème brûlée without the hard topping. Imagine coconut flakes stirred into the custard. Now, imagine that delightful mixture enfolded by a buttery crust. That’s what this coconut custard pie is in a nutshell. This dessert was born early this morning just after daybreak. I was looking for a [...]

Mocha and almond trifle


The inspiration started with a photo. The finished dessert turned out to be something else because, believe or not, it was partially made with “failed cookies.”What failed cookies?Last Sunday, Sam saw photos of "Coraline" cookies and wanted to make them. Coraline? You know, the Neil Gaiman book about the little girl … »

Holiday perfect dessert: panna cotta with peaches


Easy, inexpensive and eye-catching holiday dessert. Classic panna cotta topped with slices of peaches arranged in a burst pattern. Gorgeous. Delicious.Panna cotta is an Italian creamy pudding made by cooking cream, sugar and gelatin, letting the mixture cool until firm, then serving it plain or topped with fruits or … »

Budino with salted caramel sauce


When we hear and read about how the Philippines has the longest Christmas season in the world, we know it's no exaggeration. It isn't even Halloween yet but in the malls, Christmas trees and decor are already up for sale alongside the scary masks, monster costumes and pumpkin baskets.In my house, the holiday season … »

Apple and raisin bread pudding


Some people like to use whole slices of bread to make their pudding. They stack the bread in a pan, pour in the egg-and-milk mixture and bake everything together. Others cut the bread into cubes and mix them into the custard mixture. These days, I prefer to tear my bread into really small pieces and to allow them to soak in … »

Chocolate panna cotta with vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup


If you're not tired of desserts yet, neither am I. So many things I can do with the vanilla ice cream I made a couple of days ago. We're down to our last few scoops and I thought I'd use what's left of the ice cream to create something related to what reader Mik described in a comment she posted in the previous entry. … »

Cathedral’s window (a.k.a. Christmas jello)


The dessert made famous by Goldilocks Bakeshop in the Philippines. If you only knew how easy it is to prepare this tri-colored jello dessert at home, you'd wonder why you ever thought you needed to go to Goldilocks to enjoy it.The name of the dessert -- cathedral's window -- is obviously a description of the … »

Chilled mango pudding

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Based on the Vietnamese mango pudding of Kam Fook Restaurant in Sydney, as prepared in an episode of Food Safari, I made these cups of mango pudding without really knowing the exact proportions of the ingredients. I would find out 24 hours later that the recipe is available online. Everything worked out fine, nonetheless, … »

Crème brûlée


My family loves leche flan. They like the custard to be smooth and creamy but they're not very particular about the caramel syrup topping. So, I thought I'd introduce them to another kind of topping. Made from sugar just like the traditional syrup but something crunchy that actually forms a crust. In short, I made creme … »

Chocolate and coffee panna cotta


I'm still playing around with easy but drop-dead gorgeous desserts I can make over the holidays. I made this while my younger daughter Alex, home from school with a bad cold, hovered impatiently waiting for the gelatin to set. I told her to take a hot shower and the panna cotta would be ready by the time she was done. … »