Coconut custard pie

Imagine leche flan (steamed crème caramel) or crème brûlée without the hard topping. Imagine coconut flakes stirred into the ... (more)


Mocha and almond trifle

The inspiration started with a photo. The finished dessert turned out to be something else because, believe or not, it was ... (more)

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Chilled mango pudding

Based on the Vietnamese mango pudding of Kam Fook Restaurant in Sydney, as prepared in an episode of Food Safari, I made ... (more)


Crème brûlée

My family loves leche flan. They like the custard to be smooth and creamy but they're not very particular about the caramel ... (more)


Coconut-pandan panna cotta

Buko (coconut) and pandan dessert is fast becoming a staple in buffet parties, including Christmas and New Year affairs. Here ... (more)


Mango custard

This is my second attempt at making mango custard. The first one, a couple of months ago, was a total disaster and it took me ... (more)