Lentils and split chickpeas stew


I knew I was going to cook lentils for dinner but wasn't exactly sure how because I had never cooked lentils before. Printed on the package of the dried lentils was a recipe that looked interesting. Lentils, split chickpeas, meat, saba bananas and cabbage soup. That made deciding easier. But I wasn't going to make a soup; I wanted a stew. It was a sort of dry run. I was … [Read more...]

Pressure cooker recipe: beef and vegetables braised in beer


The photo shows three dishes on the dinner table -- soup, pork steak and the braised beef on the foreground. It was taken at the start of the girls' summer break when everyone was home and always hungry. But three dishes in one meal? How on earth did I manage that?Cooking three dishes at the same time is not such an impossible task. The trick is to carefully choose a … [Read more...]

Pressure-cooked baby bangus (milkfish) a la tinola


Today is about bangus (milkfish), the national fish of the Philippines. Not because I'm feeling nationalistic but because I was lucky enough to find baby bangus in the market. Been searching for them for a long time because I miss making pressure-cooked bangus sardines-style. While substituting some other small fish isn't a bad idea, there's still nothing like the delicate … [Read more...]

Pressure-cooked sweet and sour bisugo (Threadfin bream)


The traditional way of cooking sweet and sour fish is to use large fish, dredge it in starch, deep fry it until crisp, then pour the sweet and sour sauce over it. This version of sweet and sour fish has no frying involved. Small bisugo (Threadfin bream) about four inches long from head to tail are pressure cooked with the ingredients for sweet and sour sauce until every … [Read more...]

Braised beef kneecap and sausages with potatoes and cabbage


I don't know in how many parts of the world people eat beef kneecap but, in the Philippines, it is quite a delicacy. And when I say kneecap, I don't really mean the bony cap itself (although that's part of the whole enchilada) but the meat, the tendons and the fat surrounding it.Cooked by itself, it is already so delicious as the tendons soften and turn gelatinous … [Read more...]

Chinese-style braised beef


I can't resist a good recipe when I come across one. I was browsing food sites a couple of days ago, saw a one-pot Chinese-style braised beef recipe at BBC Good Food and I immediately experienced an adrenalin rush. It looked so good. I checked the ingredients and, in my mind, I just knew that the dish would taste good too.My only objection was that the recipe required … [Read more...]

Bangus sardines in tomato sauce


My second bangus sardines recipe. This time with tomato sauce, olive oil and lots of spices.A pressure cooker will be necessary, definitely.Buy the smallest bangus you can find--no more than six inches long from head to tail. Ask the vendor to gut the fish and remove the gills, but not to remove the scales.I bought a kilo of bangus this size for PhP 50.00 … [Read more...]