Minted pea and potato soup

After attacking the roast duck with orange-lime-honey glaze on our wedding anniversary, I gathered the leftovers including the bones. I threw the carcass, the head, the feet and wingtips into a pot and made broth. A lot of broth. I strained the cooled broth into three different containers and kept them in the freezer. Days later, I thawed one out to make this soup.

This pea and potato soup is thick just the way I like my soup. It has all the rich flavors of the roast duck which, I admit, can be a little overwhelming. So, to add a fresh note, some mint. It never fails to brighten and lighten up a dish.

Now, about the broth. Is it really mandatory to use duck broth? No, of course not. I used duck broth because that was what I had. Beef, pork, chicken or even fish broth will do just as well. »

Baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese stuffing


The vegetarian dish in our simple Christmas Eve meal. The potatoes were baked, the flesh scooped out, the hollowed out centers stuffed with mashed potatoes, broccoli and shredded cheddar. Creamy and filling. And even better when paired with something … »

Chicken, potato and spinach soup


Thick, chunky and herby. The broth is made by simmering together the back portion of a chicken, a whole onion, cloves of garlic and peppercorns. The chicken is scooped out, the broth is strained, reheated and diced potatoes go into the broth along … »

Tinapa (smoked fish) and mashed potato cakes


I have to admit that when the weather is unfriendly, my brain goes on vacation. The humidity today was so suffocating and my creative juices just fizzled and dried up. Oh, I did cook. The food was fine -- at least I managed that. But the photos I … »

Smashed potatoes


When Sam asked me to make smashed potatoes, I thought she was referring to the salad. You know, like mashed potatoes but with less mashing? I have it in the archive. But Sam said no, that wasn't it. It's baked potatoes that you smash, season and … »

Frita Cubana (burger topped with shoestring potatoes)


I owe this recipe to a drained mouse battery. I was working yesterday, my mouse went dead, I needed to recharge the battery and, while waiting, there was nothing much to do. I watched TV with Speedy, he switched to the Food Network, and there was … »

Cheesy meatballs and potato casserole


It's always inspiring to take photos early in the morning. Not dawn early when the light that filters through the dining room windows are still too dull and grayish. But between eight o'clock and ten o'clock, the hues are just perfect. Soft and … »

Swiss rösti salad


To make Sam’s salad more filling, I topped it with rösti. And, for the dressing, cheese melted in milk and seasoned with salt, pepper and a bit of chili. For the uninitiated, rösti is fried grated potatoes. Techniques for making rösti vary; … »

Vegetarian baked stuffed potatoes


So filling. So delicious. The stuffing is a mixture of kidney beans, chili, chopped tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon juice and tossed with a little melted butter. The cheese can be any variety that melts well. … »