Pork recipes

Recipes for home-cooked dishes using different parts and cuts of pork. Includes recipes for soups, appetizers, main courses and sandwiches.


Crispy fried skewered pork

During their first two years in college, Sam (who wasn't a vegetarian yet at the time) and Alex often raved about fried "isaw" (intestines) sold by ambulant vendors near the school. The pig's large intestine is cut into thick rings, cleaned, boiled, skewered, dredged in … [Read more...]


Pork mami (noodle soup)

Mami is what we Filipinos call the traditional Chinese noodle soup with vegetables and meat or seafood. I have no idea who coined the term but I am pretty certain that the term mami is peculiar to the Philippines. The Wikipedia article on noodle soup says it was coined by Ma … [Read more...]


Soy (soya) pork

There's soya chicken and there's soya pork. Both are cooked with a generous amount of soy sauce but the cooking method differs. While the chicken cooks, for the most part, in the residual heat of the sauce, the pork is braised until tender because the fibers of the pork meat … [Read more...]


15-minute stir fried pork, peas and cashew nuts

Salty and sweet with lots of crunch. Thinly sliced pork is tossed with starch and fried until a crisp crust forms. Then, the meat is stir fried with vegetables and lightly salted cashew nuts. By the time the dish is done, every ingredient gives off a unique dimension of … [Read more...]


Adobo, Mexican-style

Yes, adobo is from Spain and it spread to Spanish colonies including Mexico. Every colony that adopted the Spanish adobo developed its own peculiar style over time. But, no, Filipino adobo is not the Spanish adobo that that became integrated in the cuisines of Spanish … [Read more...]


Pork in caramel sauce

Most of Asia was colonized by a European power at one time or another and some influences remained long after the colonial powers had gone. Perhaps, among the strongest and more long-lasting of those influences are reflected in Asian cuisines.Take Vietnamese food, for … [Read more...]


Thai pork larb (Lao pork laab)

Most of the world knows pork larb as a Thai dish but, if we're to be politically correct, it originates from Laos where it is called pork laab. What is this dish? It is sweet-tangy-salty-spicy minced pork with khao koor (ground toasted sticky rice), mint, cilantro and … [Read more...]