Pork recipes

Recipes for home-cooked dishes using different parts and cuts of pork. Includes recipes for soups, appetizers, main courses and sandwiches.


Pork ribs with chili sauce

I was supposed to cook fish for lunch and I had already found the perfect recipe for the two pieces of talakitok (trevally) ... (more)


Pancit bihon with lechon kawali

One time, Speedy drove Alex to her rented condo near the school, they got caught in traffic (what's new?) and, by the time ... (more)


Sticky Szechuan Pork

Last night we feasted. We had dinner with Batjay, Tito Rolly and Apol, and the menu was as carnivorous as a meal could ... (more)


Orange lime honey pork

Parboil the pork with aromatics, cool, brown in butter (or vegetable oil), add the zests, honey and juices, cook until the ... (more)