Pork recipes

Recipes for home-cooked dishes using different parts and cuts of pork. Includes recipes for soups, appetizers, main courses and sandwiches.

Braised pork with tangy coleslaw

Braised pork with tangy coleslaw

Between now and the New Year, I’ll be posting holiday dinner ideas. Some will be new recipes; others will be recipes I have already published but are worth re-featuring because they are both delicious and picture-pretty, and sufficiently festive as demanded by the season. This braised pork with tangy coleslaw recipe was originally published in June 5, 2011. The pork can be cooked a day ahead, chilled and reheated slowly with the remaining cooking liquid half an hour before serving time.

There is simply nothing that can compare to the texture of slow cooked meat. Moist and tender with fat that melts in the mouth. Oooh, just thinking about this dish now makes me hungry. Unfortunately for me, there’s none left. Speedy and I feasted on the pork and vegetables one day last week, I forget now which day, but it was one of those days when I couldn’t access the blog so I wasn’t able to post it immediately. The blog is fine now (have you noticed how much faster the pages load?) and it’s time to share to the world a recipe that will leave you asking for a second helping.

Another East meets West dish. The flavors of the pork are indisputably Asian while coleslaw, or raw cabbage salad, is very much Western. And they were just so good together.

And just what makes the braised pork Asian? The spices and seasonings that went into the sauce in which it cooked. Ginger, cloves, star anise, soy sauce, rice wine… »

Lechon kawali and kai-lan (Chinese broccoli) in coconut milk


Think laing but not as mushy. Instead of taro leaves, there's kai-lan and, instead of pork pieces so soft that they melt in the mouth, there are chunks of lechon kawali with the crackling-like rinds still crisp, contrasting vividly with the creaminess of the sauce. There's heat from the chilis that blend perfectly with the … »

10-minute soy-honey pork sandwich filling


If there's such a thing as girl scout recipes, this should qualify as one. Not in the tradition of girl scout cookies but more in the context of always being prepared. I have a few tricks like that for days when I don't want to cook -- as in really cook -- but still want a good meal.It starts with pre-cooked meat. In … »

Pork ribs with chili sauce


I was supposed to cook fish for lunch and I had already found the perfect recipe for the two pieces of talakitok (trevally) but Alex was coming home and the two pieces of fish wouldn't have been enough for Speedy, me and her.Change of menu. Instead of the fish, I cooked a small rack of pork ribs. But I cooked it … »

Pancit bihon with lechon kawali


One time, Speedy drove Alex to her rented condo near the school, they got caught in traffic (what's new?) and, by the time they got there, they were both famished. Since Speedy doesn't know half as much as Alex does about where to eat in the area, Alex suggested the "bagnet place." I don't know exactly what the name of the … »

Gingered pork and spinach with Worcestershire sauce


I didn't realize how much I missed writing about non-food related things. Been writing so much stuff (here, here and here) I almost forgot that the food section has not been updated. I'm rectifying the omission now with a recipe for this very simple dish that we had for dinner.What is it, exactly? Speedy asked me that … »

Pork and tofu with black beans and chili sauce


The Korean mini-grocery in the neighborhood is a gold mine -- a convenient source of so many things from Korean ice cream bars to vegetable dumplings to tofu to seasonings and condiments. Unlike big Shopwise a few blocks away which is always full (mostly with people enjoying free air-conditioning), the Korean store is never … »

Sticky Szechuan Pork


Last night we feasted. We had dinner with Batjay, Tito Rolly and Apol, and the menu was as carnivorous as a meal could possibly get. Half a duck (served three-way), pata tim, lechon macau, siao long bao, yang chow and a token vegetable dish. You'd think that after all that meat, we'd have had our fill and abstain for the … »

Pork with spicy lime and peanut butter sauce


I love peanut butter but never between two slices of bread. So, no, I don't eat peanut butter sandwiches. But I cook and bake with peanut butter. For this dish, the peanut butter is in the sauce that coats the pork strips. Seasoned pork is dredged in flour, fried, then tossed in a mixture of melted butter, lime juice, … »

Orange lime honey pork


Parboil the pork with aromatics, cool, brown in butter (or vegetable oil), add the zests, honey and juices, cook until the liquids turn syrupy, sprinkle with more zest and it's done. Deliciously done.This recipe will work well with pork fillets or a cut with bone like spare ribs. It's that versatile. Adjust the amount … »