Grilled lamb and pesto rice

Cooked a month ago, I postponed posting the recipe thinking I should wait for a special occasion to do so. It's Valentine's Day on Sunday, if you're thinking of cooking … [Read more...]


Pesto and cheese toasties

I make my own pesto. I don't always add nuts and, sometimes, I even skip the cheese part. And when I need only a small amount of pesto, I don't bother with the blender. I … [Read more...]


Salmon and pesto spaghetti

When my younger daughter announced earlier today that she wanted to go on a pasta and pesto diet for the rest of the summer, I decided to humor her. Why not? That's less work … [Read more...]


Pasta with bacon and pesto

Pasta with pesto is a dish I enjoy plain, with turkey meat, chicken, mussels, scallops and, yes, bacon. Nothing you can add to pasta and pesto seems to be wrong. We had … [Read more...]