Grilled cheese and pesto sandwiches. Take a break from the usual.

Grilled cheese and pesto sandwich

I’ve gone a long way from mayo and ham sandwiches that my mother used to pack in my school lunchbox. I no longer see mayo as an integral part of a sandwich. Neither do I judge a sandwich by how much filling it has. To be frank, the oh-so-tall sandwiches that Guy Fieri likes to feature in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives make me shake my head already. Over-the-top just doesn’t excite me anymore.

These days, I prefer the perfect symphony of a few well-paired ingredients. Like these grilled cheese and pesto sandwiches. There’s nothing but cheese slices and homemade pesto between the slices of bread. I saw something similar last night on Pinterest, I can’t locate the page anymore but I remember exactly how the sandwiches looked like. As soon as I woke up today, I made my version. Grilled cheese and pesto sandwiches. Amazing. If you think you can’t spread enough pesto on the bread, go ahead and dip the sandwiches in more pesto. »

Pan-grilled chicken and vegetables with pesto


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Angel hair pasta with pesto and crumbled spicy sausages


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Grilled lamb and pesto rice


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Pesto and cheese toasties


I make my own pesto. I don't always add nuts and, sometimes, I even skip the cheese part. And when I need only a small amount of pesto, I don't bother with the blender. I simply hand-chop the basil and garlic.But you don't need to make your own … »

Farfalle (bow tie pasta) with ham and pesto. And lime water.


It's getting to be a routine and I must say it's a good one -- whatever I prepare for Alex's packed school lunch, I make more than enough so that whatever's left becomes breakfast for Speedy and myself. Today, it's bow tie pasta with pesto and ham. … »

Salmon and pesto spaghetti


When my younger daughter announced earlier today that she wanted to go on a pasta and pesto diet for the rest of the summer, I decided to humor her. Why not? That's less work for me and there are so many variations of pasta with pesto that I've been … »

Mashed potato and pesto spring rolls


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Pasta with bacon and pesto


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