Holiday perfect dessert: panna cotta with peaches

Easy, inexpensive and eye-catching holiday dessert. Classic panna cotta topped with slices of peaches arranged in a burst pattern. Gorgeous. Delicious.Panna cotta is an Italian creamy pudding made by cooking cream, sugar and gelatin, letting the mixture cool until firm, … [Read more...]


There’s more to pudding than bread and milk

Growing up, when someone mentioned "pudding" at home, it meant a mixture of torn stale bread, eggs and milk poured into molds then steamed until firm. Had anyone said that leche flan and molded gelatin were also puddings, people would have been horrified. But it is true, the … [Read more...]

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Chilled mango pudding

Based on the Vietnamese mango pudding of Kam Fook Restaurant in Sydney, as prepared in an episode of Food Safari, I made these cups of mango pudding without really knowing the exact proportions of the ingredients. I would find out 24 hours later that the recipe is available … [Read more...]


Chocolate and coffee panna cotta

I'm still playing around with easy but drop-dead gorgeous desserts I can make over the holidays. I made this while my younger daughter Alex, home from school with a bad cold, hovered impatiently waiting for the gelatin to set. I told her to take a hot shower and the panna … [Read more...]