Visualizing our New Year’s Eve meal

If the holidays were all about nostalgia, if the season were a time to look back fondly on happy childhood memories and if I were to create a meal along those lines, I'd have a platter that looks like this -- sliced cold … [Read more...]


Lengua (ox tongue) salpicao

Pan-fried garlic-marinated melt-in-the-mouth ox tongue. This recipe was originally meant for Feast Asia but I realized just how indulgent lengua salpicao is that it is more of a special occasion dish than an everyday one. To … [Read more...]


Lengua (ox tongue) in cream and corn sauce

A new and better version of a recipe posted on Christmas Day in 2009 which, in turn, was a remake of a 2006 recipe. In the 2009 version, the sauce was made with a roux, corn water, cream and the broth in which the ox tongue … [Read more...]


Grilled ox tongue with sesame seeds

Most people cook ox tongue by stewing it. In my family, the most well-loved stewed ox tongue dish is the one with a creamy mushroom sauce. But about five years ago, we discovered that grilled ox tongue is absolutely delicious … [Read more...]


Ox tongue with gravy

If you prefer the ox tongue (lengua) dish with mushroom sauce, you can click here and here. Personally, I am so tired of that recipe and that's the reason I started experimenting. I was aiming for something not too different … [Read more...]


Sarciadong dila ng baka (ox tongue stew)

Eight o'clock in the morning is the time when the workers arrive (if it's your first time to read my blog, we're building a new kitchen wing). I wanted my practically non-operational old kitchen all to myself and cook … [Read more...]

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Creamy ox tongue stew

The second dish I cooked for my 12-year-old's dinner party last Saturday--this ox tongue stew is a variation my older ox tongue in mushroom sauce recipe. While I used mashed potatoes sprinkled with browned onion bits in the … [Read more...]

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Ox Tongue (Lengua) in Mushroom Sauce

Ox tongue in mushroom sauce served with mashed potatoes topped with browned onion bits. It really sounds continental but, believe it or not, most Filipino cookbooks include a version of this dish. My father had his own … [Read more...]