In search of the real margarita


I'm a mojito girl. After my UP Law class held a reunion / testimonial dinner a year and a half ago, in some of the photos that came out on Facebook, I was referred to as "that mojito chick." But long before I was introduced to mojito, I was in love with … [Read more...]

Laura’s baked oysters a la Rockefeller


It is said that Antoine Alciatore, the creator of the original Oysters Rockefeller recipe and founder of Antoine's in New Orleans, took his secret to his grave. The chefs at Antoine's say there is no spinach in the recipe but many copycat versions, … [Read more...]

Fully loaded mac and cheese


Mac and cheese isn't exactly the most exciting pasta dish in the world. But it's simple to prepare and serving it isn't fussy at all. Serve in a single platter or in individual ramekins with buttered toast on the side and that's it. No carving, no … [Read more...]

Cheesesteak sandwich


On a visit to a cousin's house where Speedy and I were wined (with great Brie cheese) and dined (risotto, grilled fish and grilled lamb chops) to our hearts' delight, there was a discussion about cheesesteak. Cheesesteak, of course, is steak and cheese … [Read more...]

Jambalaya-inspired chicken and sausage rice


There is Creole jambalaya (with tomatoes) and there is Cajun jambalaya (without tomatoes). This chicken and sausage rice dish was inspired by Cajun jambalaya. Spicy sausage meat is browned and, in the rendered fat, sausage slices and chicken are browned … [Read more...]

A la Japadog


In the Vancouver episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain visited the Japadog food stand which has become some kind of institution in Vancouver. Japadog? An amazing East-meets-West concoction which, according to Bourdain, is delicious. It's a hotdog … [Read more...]

Rosemary and lemon pork ribs


Let's start the week with the recipe for a dish that's great for any family gathering. You know, like Christmas. Or a birthday. Pork ribs smothered with brown sugar and rock salt, and slow baked, tightly covered, with sprigs of fresh rosemary, onion … [Read more...]