Making dessert on Mother’s Day? Try tiramisu, party style

Tiramisu in wine glassesServing a cake during a party means placing the cake tray on the table, cutting it and placing individual servings on dessert plates. What if the cake can be apportioned several hours before without sacrificing on looks and presentation? What if all that the hostess has to do is take the individual servings out of the fridge and hand them out to the guests? Wouldn’t that be more convenient? Wouldn’t that be so much less stressful?

I love tiramisu. And I wish that I can serve it on New Year’s Eve when my husband’s family, and mine, come over for an all-day, all-night party. But with the number of people coming, I think my straight hair will turn frizzy if I have to attend to the cake cutting and individual serving right there and then. What about my right to party, eh? So what I’m going to do is serve the tiramisu in wine glasses.

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