Dulce de leche and chocolate cookie trifle


If there's a drink that always brings back memories of childhood, milk and chocolate has to be on the top of the list. This trifle brings that combination to a whole new level. The layers are made of crushed chocolate sandwich cookies and dulce de leche. … [Read more...]

Dulce de leche banana cream tart


It's a pity that Mexican Made Easy airs locally only once a week. Wish there were more sensible food shows like it on TV. Personally, I can do away with Gordon Ramsay, The Next Food Network Star, Iron Chef, Bobby Flay and Bruce Lim.Mexican Made Easy, … [Read more...]

Melon cocktail with grape syrup


If you Google "melon cocktail", you'll find that there are two categories. The first is an alcoholic drink; the second is a dessert. This falls under the second category. But while most melon cocktail desserts simply used balled melon and a sprinkle of … [Read more...]

Mocha and almond trifle


The inspiration started with a photo. The finished dessert turned out to be something else because, believe or not, it was partially made with “failed cookies.”What failed cookies?Last Sunday, Sam saw photos of "Coraline" cookies and wanted to … [Read more...]

Choco flakes (chocolate-covered corn flakes)


Whenever we go to Baguio, one of the things that the girls insist we buy is choco flakes -- clusters of chocolate and corn flakes sold in jars in just about any store that sells souvenir items. Choco flakes are easy enough to make at home and I might have … [Read more...]

Almond jelly with peaches, cherries and blueberries


One of the most common desserts in Chinese restaurants is almond jelly -- cubes of almond-flavored jelly served with fruit pieces, usually, canned fruit cocktail. When you order a set menu for a large group, almond jelly is usually the dessert provided in … [Read more...]

Dark chocolate truffles


Making European-style pastries used to intimidate me. They look so dainty and delicate and I'm always worried that I'm too heavy handed to execute them. Well, I'm slowly overcoming the fear. I started with the simplest project -- panna cotta. As I became … [Read more...]