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Chicken and pork swimming in gravy

The beef brisket swimming in gravy, posted on May 26, 2005, was one of the first non-Filipino recipes that became a hit in my food blog. There were no "share this", "pin it" or "like" buttons back then, commenting was ...»

The accidental breakfast

I can't remember the last time I had breakfast if, by breakfast, you mean morning meal. Technically, breakfast -- derived from breaking the fast because you fast the whole night while sleeping -- is the first meal of the day. ...»

Baby bok choy and shiitake mushroom stir fry

How does one make the ubiquitous fried fish lunch more colorful and exciting? By serving a vegetable side dish that goes well with the fish, of course. A salad is quick and easy but I'm Asian and I admit my ...»

Chicken and mushrooms pasta

Looking for ways with pasta without the usual ground red meat, bacon, sausages and everything fatty in thick red sauce? Ditch the red meat and use chicken and vegetables instead. In lieu of the usual tomato-based red sauce, toss the ...»

Baby back ribs and mushrooms a la teriyaki

When Kenny Rogers Roasters came to the Philippines, baby back ribs became an instant hit. I don't know why it should be anything new. I had been eating barbecued pork ribs since I was a kid. Whether it was a ...»