Masala rice with oyster mushrooms and vegetables

A couple of months ago, a neighbor gave me boxes of masala mixes. I used one, got shocked with the heat, so the second box stayed in the fridge for a while probably waiting for me to muster enough courage to take on the heat challenge again.I felt brave enough yesterday so … [Read more...]


Vegan mushroom and vegetables miso soup

A highly tweakable soup. The oyster mushrooms can be substituted with just about any kind of mushroom. The eggplant and Chinese broccoli can be replaced by other vegetables that you prefer. What I wouldn't recommend modifying is the first step in cooking the soup -- slowly … [Read more...]


Mushroomburger’s meatless mushroom sandwich

When we drove out of town last weekend, we really weren't sure where we were going except for the general direction -- south of Metro Manila. Sam had to shoot for a project, she wanted a change of scenery so we picked her up from the condo and drove south. I initially … [Read more...]


Vegetarian mushroom balls

Fish balls, squid balls, crab balls, lobster balls... just about every seafood has been made into balls and they proliferate in the market. They are available in every price range and varying levels of quality. In Asia, they are very popular. As street food, they are deep … [Read more...]


Vegan chili, chunky and tasty without the meat

Another dish that Sam requested. In fact, when she made the request, it was accompanied by a recommended recipe -- white beans instead of the usual red kidney beans and, in lieu of the meat, use chopped vegetables. Of course I cooked the meatless chili for her. The result? … [Read more...]


Vegan mushroom burgers

Sam is the vegetarian in the family but it is Speedy and myself who ate these vegan mushroom burgers. We had so many vegetarian ingredients in the fridge after Sam had gone back to the condo, the ingredients won't last until next weekend, so I started cooking them.The … [Read more...]