Vegetarian burrito with beans and mushrooms


I've always wondered if black-eyed peas were different from black-eyed beans. It appears that they're the same. After that discovery, I chanced upon dried sitaw (yard-long) beans at the grocery and I wondered of sitaw beans which have that distinctive black spot, are the same as what the English-speaking world calls black-eyed peas. I'm still not sure. But since that first … [Read more...]

Zucchini medallions with mozzarella and chili


Ever since I made the meatballs a la parmigiana, I've been wondering how to transform it into a vegetarian dish. Eggplants would turn too soggy if baked or fried then baked again until the cheese topping melted. Other vegetables that could withstand multiple cooking, like cauliflower, are too irregularly shaped to hold the slices of cheese in place. And then I came across … [Read more...]

The meaty version of the bibimbap-style rice, vegetables and mushrooms dish


The easiest and fastest way to cook two versions -- vegetarian and meaty -- of the bibimbap-style rice, vegetables and mushrooms dish is to use two pans and two burners on the stove. You cook the vegetables in one pan, one after the other, and in the other pan, you cook the meat. Alternatively, you can grill the meat while stir frying the vegetables. It goes without saying … [Read more...]

Leeks, pepper, asparagus and mushroom pilaf


At its most basic, pilaf (the spelling varies depending on the region) is rice cooked in seasoned broth. It is found in many cultures including Middle Eastern, South Asian and Caribbean. In English speaking cultures, it is often referred to as "rice pilaf" which is redundant because pilaf can refer to nothing but rice. The ultimate root of the word is the Sanskrit pul?ka … [Read more...]

Mushroomburger’s meatless mushroom sandwich


When we drove out of town last weekend, we really weren't sure where we were going except for the general direction -- south of Metro Manila. Sam had to shoot for a project, she wanted a change of scenery so we picked her up from the condo and drove south. I initially suggested Sta. Rosa, Laguna but Speedy said the coastal road would be more picturesque. So, the coastal … [Read more...]

How to cook yaki-chow, a cross between yakisoba and chow mein


What the heck? Yeah, what the heck. I was going to make yakisoba but I was out of soba noodles, sake and mirin. But I had thin oriental wheat noodles, dashi, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce and Chinese rice wine. So, right, what the heck, cook with whatever's available. And this noodle dish that is literally a cross between yakisoba and chow mein was born. Call it fusion, call … [Read more...]

How to cook: Vegan chili, chunky and tasty without the meat


Another dish that Sam requested. In fact, when she made the request, it was accompanied by a recommended recipe -- white beans instead of the usual red kidney beans and, in lieu of the meat, use chopped vegetables. Of course I cooked the meatless chili for her. The result? So good that what she couldn't finish at home, Sam took back to the condo with her.I hope it keeps … [Read more...]

How to cook: Vegan mushroom burgers


Sam is the vegetarian in the family but it is Speedy and myself who ate these vegan mushroom burgers. We had so many vegetarian ingredients in the fridge after Sam had gone back to the condo, the ingredients won't last until next weekend, so I started cooking them.The burgers are made with chopped oyster mushrooms, onion, garlic, carrot and bell pepper. And, for the … [Read more...]

How to cook: Baked mac with cheesy topping: the lacto-vegetarian version


My younger daughter, Alex, is celebrating her birthday today and some of her girl friends are spending the weekend with us. Tonight was the big birthday dinner and we're expecting a few more of her friends to arrive. Alex asked only for three dishes for her birthday dinner -- baked mac, chicken yakitori and tres leches cake.The baked mac recipe is among the top ten most … [Read more...]

Stir fried mussels and shiitake mushrooms with oyster sauce


There's more to mussels than making a soup or baking them on the half shell to make delicious finger food. Mussels are so versatile that you can turn them into just about anything, including pasta dishes (see the list after the recipe), omelets and stir fries.This stir fried dish combines mussels with shiitake mushrooms to make a hearty low-fat main dish. The mussels … [Read more...]