Spicy mung bean sprouts and tofu

A variation of the chili eggplants. The same spice paste is used but this dish has more crisp to it. The fried tofu cubes add body and volume to the dish; the mung bean sprouts add a lightness and sweetness that is as refreshing as a sunny tropical day.For best results, … [Read more...]


Tofu and mushrooms with bean sprouts and spinach

I like vegetables but I'm not really a raw vegetable salad person. And I like more than greens in my vegetable dishes. I like colors and textures and an interplay of shapes and sizes. This dish, for me, satisfies all those requirements.Spinach and mung been sprouts take … [Read more...]


Pad Thai noodles

Nine out of every ten people I know would define Pad Thai noodles as a spicy noodle dish made with shrimps, mung bean sprouts and ground peanuts. But shrimps, mung bean sprouts and peanuts are not really the ingredients that define the Pad Thai noodle dish. The sauce makes … [Read more...]


Tofu and mung bean sprouts spring rolls

This is the chicken version of the 2003 recipe for bean sprout lumpia. And while the pork version includes green beans as a second vegetable ingredient, this chicken version has spinach. Which do I like better? I like them both. Love them both, actually. In fact, even … [Read more...]


Korean scallion pancake (pajeon, p’ajon or pa jun)

It all started with the Korean scallion and seafood pancake (haemul pajeon) that we had at a Korean restaurant in Shangri-La Plaza last year. I was intrigued by the unique texture of the pancake and when I chanced upon a bag of Korean pancake mix (buchimgae) in an Oriental … [Read more...]


Savory fried spring rolls

The English-speaking world calls them spring rolls although this Asian delicacy has nothing to do with spring. They are served fried or non-fried and fillings vary. The wrappers vary too depending on which part of Asia you are in. Pork-filled spring rolls called cha gio are … [Read more...]


How to make: Vietnamese spring rolls

We never go to a Vietnamese restaurant without ordering spring rolls. Between Pho Hoa and Pho Bac, I prefer the latter's spring rolls. Apart from that though, my vote goes to Pho Hoa all the way. It's always been my dream to make Vietnamese spring rolls at home but it wasn't … [Read more...]