Goodbye, Hollywood. For now.

Speedy and I have been watching quite a lot of movies lately. And we're intentionally staying away from anything and everything produced in Hollywood. Too many Hollywood movies and I've started feeling getting dumbed down … [Read more...]

The Arabian Nights on Kindle or iPad?

Dreamworks' Sinbad was on Cartoon Network last night and Alex was already watching it when I entered the family room. I had never seen it before and I didn't know whether I was seeing a scene from the first half, the third … [Read more...]

Horror without gore

Note: I know that the blog has gone offline at least twice during the past 24 hours. It might be a hardware issue; still looking into it. [Yesterday's column] After reading Neil Gaiman’s novella “Coraline”, I am now … [Read more...]

One war, two stories

So you're tired of my rants about PLDT DSL. So am I. If anything good came out of my very limited time online for the past so many days, it's the fact that I was able to catch up on my reading. I finally found the time to … [Read more...]