Vegan mushroom and vegetables miso soup

A highly tweakable soup. The oyster mushrooms can be substituted with just about any kind of mushroom. The eggplant and Chinese broccoli can be replaced by other vegetables that you prefer. What I wouldn't recommend modifying is the first step in cooking the soup -- slowly … [Read more...]


Spicy tofu and shiitake mushrooms with miso sauce

Miso paste isn't just good for making miso soup. It's great for making sauces too. I've used miso paste to make a sauce for baked baby back ribs and another to drizzle over grilled eggplants. It's a wonderful versatile ingredient to keep in the fridge.This stir fried dish … [Read more...]


How to cook miso ramen with mushroom balls (meatless)

It's meatless but not exactly vegetarian because dashi, the base for miso soup, is a stock cooked by simmering bonito flakes and kombu. Bonito flakes, or katsuobushi in Japanese, are shaved skipjack tuna that had been dried, fermented and smoked.To make this dish, I first … [Read more...]


Vegan grilled eggplants with miso sauce

A very Asian-inspired vegetarian eggplant dish chock-full of flavors. It can be served as an appetizer, a side dish, a snack or even as a light main dish. So easy to make. The only cooking required is to grill the eggplants. After that, it's all a matter of … [Read more...]


Miso soup with chicken and chayote

Some soups are so hearty that they can be the main dish. We have a lot of that in the Philippines where, as a practice, we don't serve the soup ahead of the main dish. Soups dishes like tinola, nilaga (literally, boiled) and sinigang (a sour soup with meat or seafood), for … [Read more...]


Pesang dalag (mudfish in light soup) with miso sauce

It isn't necessary that you cook pesa (a light soup flavored with ginger and peppercorns) with dalag (mudfish). In one of the earliest entries in this blog, I lamented how a lot of people like to take on the role of purists by claiming that pesa is not pesa unless cooked … [Read more...]


Salmon head soup with tamarind paste and miso

The night we had the Chinese sausages and kangkong with sweet soy sauce for dinner, I made this soup to go with it. I had two salmon heads in the freezer, each cut in half, and each half just right for one serving.What does the broth taste like? A milder version of … [Read more...]


Catfish and miso sour soup

This recipe would have been posted a lot sooner had I been able to find more information about kanduli. I never really thought it was just another variety of catfish. In fact, I didn't realize there was more than one catfish. The only catfish I know is called hito and it's … [Read more...]