Pineapple margarita


If you're a long time reader, you'd know that my family never prepares a traditional noche buena. We stay away from "traditional" dishes because those retailers with no conscience always jack up the prices even when the supply can outlast the demand. Except once during the last ten years, we've never bought a whole leg of ham. We don't buy queso de bola because we're not … [Read more...]

Watermelon: from agua fresca to margarita


We've been making watermelon smoothies forever. In fact, the very first recipe in the "Drinks" category was the watermelon smoothie. It was updated in September 2010 when my daughter, Sam, made a picture pretty pitcher of her version. It was after that September 2010 update when reader RQ posted the following comment:She's so right about the lime juice. It worked … [Read more...]

Mango Margarita


It looks like the monsoon season is early this year. La Niña, they say. So, before the time of the mango ends, I want to enjoy them to the hilt in as many ways as I can. Philippine mangoes (or Manila mangoes, as they are known abroad) are incomparable, after all. Or so I've been told.The classic margarita gets a facelift in this cocktail drink with the addition … [Read more...]

Margarita with kalamansi juice and simple syrup


Margarita may refer to an island in the Caribbean, a controversial doctor who dispenses advice on sex and sexuality, or it can be the name of one of my favorite cocktail drinks.Probably the most popular tequila-based cocktail drink, the margarita is a mixture of tequila, Triple Sec and citrus juice. It can be served on the rocks, blended or straight. This is the … [Read more...]