SPAM mini open-faced sandwiches


Speedy loves SPAM. He really, truly does. With bread, with rice, as pizza topping, in pasta sauce... in whatever form. But nothing intrigued him more than SPAM musubi, that iconic Hawaiian creation that defies categorization. We've tried making SPAM … [Read more...]

Alex’s cold milk and mango pudding


Speedy gave Alex an assignment today: do something with the mangoes in the fridge which were becoming too ripe already. Alex initially thought about a simple milkshake but wanted to incorporate gelatin in her recipe (which made me wonder if she used … [Read more...]

Mango, cucumber and mint smoothie


With the mint in our garden now growing profusely once again, I can pick the leaves with abandon to mix into drinks. Not just for the minted green tea that Alex likes so much but for cold drinks too.If you've gone through the archive of drinks … [Read more...]

Asian-style spicy and tangy beef and rice salad


If the term "rice salad" makes you go HUH? click here and know that the term salad covers a wide expanse of dishes.Today's lunch was still part of the beef brisket challenge (or, perhaps, experiment would be the more appropriate word). Cubes of … [Read more...]

Mango-ginger lassi


When Speedy said "mango-ginger", I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive. Although I am used to combining fruits with spices (mostly, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves), I wasn't at all sure how the mango and ginger combination would work. Amazingly, … [Read more...]

Mango-lemon lassi


Lassi is essentially a yogurt-based drink that contains spices. Question: if a drink contains yogurt, plus milk, and has no spices whatsoever, is it still a lassi? Giada de Laurentiis thinks and says so. I'm not so sure how correct she is in the strict … [Read more...]