Southeast Asian food at Banana Leaf

My mother had been wanting to treat us to lunch-merienda-dinner for the longest time but finding a day when the girls would be free turned out to be a challenge. Weekends are already tight, it's almost the end of the term and the pig out date had to be rescheduled several … [Read more...]


Roti John

When Speedy saw Bobby Chin making Roti John in an episode of Cafe Asia, he promised he'd make Roti John at home. And he did.A popular hawker food in Malaysia and Singapore, Roti John is a sandwich and omelet in one. Beef, eggs, chopped shallots and chili paste are … [Read more...]


Congee is rice porridge is arroz caldo

Last Thursday, Speedy and I were at the market. There was one stall selling premature chicken eggs (if we had left the house earlier, there would have been more stalls selling them but these things sell like hot cakes and I was lucky to still find some in that one stall) and … [Read more...]

Purple Cane Tea, Kuala Lumpur

It's summertime in the Philippines. With most school children on their two-month break, many families take a vacation at this time of the year. Some go to their home towns; others fly out of the country to discover new places and experiences.Because of its proximity and … [Read more...]

Old town mountain coffee

I initiated a weekly habit in my family. Every Saturday night, we dine in a restaurant in town. A way of getting to know our neighborhood, really. We've been living in Antipolo for nine years and we're still unfamiliar with many of the establishments. We were once true-blue … [Read more...]


In Penang: coconut tarts

Just about anywhere that the coconut plant thrives, one finds the coconut as an important part of the cuisine. Coconut milk and cream, for instance, are found in dishes native to the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, some parts of Africa and the Caribbean. … [Read more...]


Siew pau, not siopao

In Penang, we stopped at a food store and, out front, on display were newly baked breads. One of them was called siew pau.I bought a few pieces and we ate them in the taxi on the way back to the pier. Delicious. The curious thing is how much siew pau sounds like siopao. … [Read more...]